Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just for Kicks... Goldstar Beer Ad

We Must be On To Something...

An S&B twitter friend, Jilibean0306, sent us this link because it reminded her of our blog. It's great, and amazingly it's partly the premise upon which this blog was built so we HAD to share...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cutesy Tuesday: Mario Bologna Bulldog Pumps &

Pretty Puppies!

Many say the the dog of choice for the ultra-femme is a Pomeranian or perhaps a chihuahua. We at S&B recently stumbled across a reason to differ with that opinion. Enter, Mario Bologna's Bulldog pumps (available at Forzieri). The plum color of the patent pumps, combined with the proper plaid trim and the plastic bulldog (with rhinestone collar) accents, makes them playfully prim. The two-tone 4 inch metal stiletto heel adds an unexpected level of funk to the shoe, though. This shoe is a true reflection of your style and mood today. While you're always the perfect lady, you're also full of surprises, aren't you?

Giver your friends a little shocker when they hear you order a Cherry Bitch (excuse your language) tonight at happy hour (image & recipe courtesy of It's made with currant tea-infused Bulldog Gin, a few cherries, apple juice, a little simple syrup and dash of lime juice, so it doesn't have much bite. Still, enough of them will give you more than a proper buzz, so enjoy it responsibly.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Almost There Thursday: Celine Rubber Boots & Navan Vanilla Drinks

'Snow Stopping You Now!

Mother Nature isn't your friend today if you live in the northeastern or mid-wetstern regions of the US. It's ubearably cold, and there are forecasts of snow. You can't miss work because of a little inclement weather, though. Wave "buh-bye" to the bad weather blahs and slip your feet into a warm, comfy pair of rubber boots. Just make sure they're brightly colored and super stylish, like the 36402 mid-heeled rubber boots from Celine (available and on sale at The orange accents and classic Celine logo will contrast the snowy, slushy backdrop, and the 3.25 inch heel is low enough to keep your balance, but high enough to let everyone know that cold and snow can't cramp your style.

You'll want something toasty to drink tonight, so whether you brave the weather to visit your favorite bar or hang indoors, let Mike Moore's Vanilla B & B warm you up. This drink was concocted by Vancouver's Mike Moore, and the recipe and images are courtesy of City Food Magazine. (Photo by Heather Goldsworthy) The combination of heated Navan Vanilla Cognac and Benedictine will not only knock of today's chills, but it'll also help quiet that slight cough you seem to have developed.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wild Wednesday: Casadei 1902 Boots & Remy Martin Sazeracs

Feline High

It's the middle of the week, and the last two days have been a bit of a drag. You're on the prowl today... for opportunities, challenges and- most importantly- fun! With your keen hunting instincts and voracious appetite (for fab footwear, fashion, and whatever else you want), you manage to get what you want (without being catty). A pair of leopard print boots- like the 1902 from Casadei's "Into the Wild" collection for F/W 08-09 (shopping details at - will make the world your prey. The 5 inch heel and 1 inch platform mean you're not afraid of a challenge, and the satin leopard print shaft indicates an un-caged spirit. Yet, the brown leather toe and throat say you know how not to overdo it.

You'll need a little extra discretion this evening too, when the effects of your Sazerac start to take hold. This classic cocktail blends Remy Martin Cognac, Jade Liqueurs Absinthe, Peychaud Bitters and sugar syrup and has quite a bite. You're not intimidated by a boys' drink, though, so enjoy. As long as you don't let this drink become your master, you'll be fine. *Note- Having originated in New Orleans during the 1800s, the Sazerac is known as America's first cocktail.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Shoe News: Jimmy Choo's a Red Carpet Winner at the Golden Globes

Here's to Lookin' at Choo, Kid...

Last night's Golden Globe Awards brought out the glam in the goddesses of the big and small screen. While the gowns were gorgeous, they were also relatively conservative. Our concern at Shoes & Booze, though, was (you guessed it) the shoes, and little of what we saw sent our hearts aflutter. Debra Messing, Elizabeth Banks, Taraji Henson, Madeline Zima, Cameron Diaz and Nancy O'Dell get thumbs up from us. Heidi Klum gets plenty of shoe points for her Christian Louboutins and loses lots of style points for the dress she wore with them. However, America Ferrera and Olivia Wilde stole the (shoe) show in their Jimmy Choos as far as we're concerned. America's champagne peep toed "Clue" slingback pumps (from the '09 Cruise collection & available at Saks) complimented her one-shoulder Oscar de la Renta gown exquisitely. Olivia's Reem Acra gown covered her metallic sandals (from the '09 Spring collection & available for pre-order at Saks) completely, but she was sweet enough to give us a peek.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Fun Friday: Giuseppe Zanotti I87039 Madelene Booties & Lucid Absinthe's Ol' Lucy Blue Eyes

Stroke of Genius!

The creative energy is flowing abundantly today, and while you still haven't managed to sign up for that ceramics class (as New Year's Resolution #10 suggested), you can still let your artistic side show. An artsy pair of shoes- like these I87039 Madelene booties by Giuseppe Zanotti (available at will let everyone know the Picasso within you is alive and kicking. The 4 inch high metallic midnight stiletto heel makes them sexy, and the half inch hidden platform keeps them comfy. Yet, it's the multi-colored satin, printed to resemble the strokes of an artist's brush, that shows true genius.

Continue the creative theme this evening at happy hour by imbibing a drink made with Absinthe, the spirit said to have inspired countless artists and bohemians of yesteryear. An Ol' Lucy Blue Eyes (recipe and image from Lucid Absinthe), will no doubt erase any blue feelings you've accumulated over the past week. It's quite a complicated recipe, but the basics are Stoli Blueberi, Lucid Absinthe, Simple Syrup. Also ask your bartender to add a little lemon juice, Massenez Framboise, gingerbeer and blueberries if possible. Absinthe's flavor is strong and a bit pungent, so be prepared for an unusual taste. The bluberry flavor of the vodka and the berries will help keep it from overpowering everything else, though. Oh, and don't worry, the absinthe that's available these days won't have you halucinating or anything. (For exact measurements and directions, visit

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Almost There Thursday: A.Testoni Pumps & Claret Cups

If You're Happy, then Bordeaux It

It's been a week since the "ball dropped," and you're still sticking to your resolution of spicing things up. Not one for stilettos or skyscraper heels, you tend to stick to more sensible, office-friendly options. That doesn't mean you can't live a little, though. Pick a classic style with fun embellishments, like these pumps from A.Testoni. The heel height, tassels and Bordeaux color make them conservative, but the bare toe decollete they display and studs give them an unexpected hint of sexiness. They might not work for parties, but their great for a highbrow happy hour.

When you're at said happy hour, you can go the simple route and order a glass of Bordeaux, or you can make it a little more interesting and ask for a Claret Cup (recipe and image courtesy of Esquire). While there are numerous recipes available, our favorite is the one that mixes red Bordeaux with a splash of sherry, a little Grand Marnier and a dash of superfine sugar. It'll have a little more kick that the simple glass of wine, and it may prove to be a conversation starter (to help you stick to the other resolution of being more social).

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cutesy Tuesday: Betsey Johnson Nox Pumps & Crown Royal Cocktails

Here's to The Fucshia!

When the clock showed 12:00 midnight on January 1st, you promised yourself that you'd femme it up a little more in the new year. Yes, you wear heels, lip gloss and a little mascara, but it's time to get girlier! These Nox suede pumps by Betsey Johnson (available at are a great start. The fucshia color and flower appliques may scream softy, but the 1/2 inch platform and 4.5 inch stiletto heel say you've also got a little bad ass in ya.

Tonight at happy hour choose a drink that looks sweet but packs a punch. If made correctly, a Crown of Roses- which blends Crown Royal Whisky and Amoretto with pineapple juice, cranberry juice and a few splashes of Angostura bitters- will do just that. The juices definitely de-fang a little of the whisky's bite, but leave enough of it there to keep you from feeling like a total wuss. (Recipe and image courtesy of

Monday, January 5, 2009

Don't Mess With Me Monday: Guillaume Hinfray Korneohoros Pumps & Absolut Black Basil Cocktails

Stars and Hype

It's your first day back in the office after the holidays. Normally, you'd be bummed, but that goes against your New Year's Resolution to have a positive outlook. Besides, when you looked in the mirror this morning and told yourself you're a star, you believed it. (Resolution #10: use positive affirmations to get closer to your goals.) You're outshining the competition today, and you "pity the fool" who tries to dim your light. Guillaume Hinfray's Kornephoros pumps are the perfect celebration for your celestial vibe. Named after the brightest star in the constellation of Hercules, these handmade detailed leather pumps (from his Bottier collection) are sure to attract attention. The jaded steel color and diamond detailing give them an edge, but it's the narrow, 4 inch metal heel with the mock body piercing detail that provides their true severity.

Shoes such as these call for a drink with lots of kick. The Absolut Black Basil oughtta do the trick. This potent combination of Absolut 100, lemon juice, limoncello, simple syrup and tonic is a bit tart, and the addition of fresh basil leaves gives it a slightly herbal finish. Before your girlfriends try and copy you, be sure to warn them that this isn't one for the weak.