Friday, March 30, 2012

Shoe Review: Nine West Actout Platforms


Acting Up



Nine West recently contacted me to review a pair of their sandals with the #flashingyourbrights hashtag. After seeing aqua, orange and white Actout sandals in their aid campaign, I figured it would be easy enough to add them to a look and flash my brights for my readers and twitter followers. When I opened my box of complimentary platform slingback sandals in black (instead of brights), I realized I had a fun challenge on my hands. Since the sandals weren’t bright, some part of my outfit would have to be. Well, here’s what I did:













Red skinny jeans, a light peach button up shirt tied at the waist and black bracelets. Now for the Verdict:

On a comfort scale from one to five, they get a 3.75. Though they have a 5.25 inch heel, they’re sturdy and supportive thanks to a 1.5 inch platform. They’re also fairly cushioned. However, they’re a bit stiff, so when I walked, there was a little rubbing at the toe opening. Stylistically speaking, I give the black Actout sandal a 3.5 (because I’m not a big fan of black patent on cork). The bright colors get a 4, meaning they wouldn’t be the shoe that makes me run into a store, but if I saw them on someone else, I’d definitely pay the person a compliment. I’d also buy them if I was attending a music festival or barbecue where my stiletto heels might get stuck in the grass. They’re under $90, so they’re fairly affordable… Maybe that should earn them another fraction of a point?


Nine West Aqua Actout platform slingback sandal

Nine West Actout platform slingback sandal in orangeNine West Actout slingback platform sandal in white

The aqua Actout Sandal , orange Actout sandal, and white Actout sandal. Click images or descriptions to purchase.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shoes Clues: 6 Comfy, Flat, City Chic Sandals for less than $100


A reader recently emailed: “I need your help. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: comfy flats (I walk a lot) that play well with maxi dresses. Sandal-esque (open-toed at the very least) but not too close to the ground (don't want to get street grime all over my tootsies). I need it to be under $100 and black, tan, brown or some crazy color like hot pink.”

Didn’t sound like an impossible mission to me, and I figured there are others out there in the same quandry, so I did some sole searching. I kept in mind that a cute flat for someone who walks a lot should have a bit of support. Here are my picks:


Miz Mooz Panthea Sandal from  $99.00



Kelly green has been a pretty hot color this season, and this versatile sandal will work well with maxi dresses, midi dresses and minis. It has a low wedge to absorb a bit of long-walk shock and a lightly cushioned footbed. Also, when trying to avoid street grime, a sandal with an actual back is a good idea.


Nine West Briteside T-Strap Sandal from $67.99


Nine West Briteside Flat Snakeskin Sandal


Snake print are a good way to go neutral with a bit of pizazz, and the T-trap is a hit this season. This sandal has a low heel that allows it to be dressed up or down, working as well with ankle length jeans as it does with dresses.


Dolce Vita Idalia Sandal from  $99.99


Dolce Vita Idalia Silver Tasseled Sandal

Tassels turn up the heat on any look, especially when they’re on a quasi-tribal sandal in a metallic color. These Dolce Vita sandals are  cute with shorts, and they’ll look chic peeking out from under your maxi dress when you walk.


Melissa Star Sandal from $59.13


Melissa Star flat Sandals in pink

Into eco fashion? Then, these Melissa sandals are for you. Not only are they created using sustainable business practices, but they’re just plain adorable. Bright is the new neutral, so their pearlized hot pink color make them a fun accent to almost any look. They also get bonus points for being rain-friendly (if you don’t mind wet toes).


Delflex by Dexter McKenna Sandal from Payless- $27.99


Dexflex by Dexter McKenna Embellished Sandal from Payless


Comfort shoes have come a long way! With its two layer insole- one of memory foam, the other of latex foam- this jeweled sandal is more than just a pretty face. It’ll add a bit of glamour to jeans and a tee, and it’ll also work with a flirty dress on date night.

Naya Sister Sandal from $66.99



Here’s another eco chic choice. If I go into all the ways Naya tries to reduce their carbon footprint, I won’t have room to discuss the cuteness and comfy features of this shoe. However, note that they’re made from vegetable-tanned leather, and the footbed features natural cork for shock absorption. These are great for city slicking, but they also have a retro cool vibe that makes them music fest-friendly.


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Monday, March 5, 2012

No Mess Monday- National Absinthe Day: N.Y.L.A. Alistair Booties


Dressed to Kil-tie

NYLA Alistair Bootie ShoesNBooze


This weather is quite erratic these days. Mother Nature is throwing lots of mess our way (though we kinda earned it). With all that going on, though, who has time to deal with the shade thrown by office mates? Wear a pair of shoes that show you’re ready for whatever might come your way, like the Alistair bootie by N.Y.L.A. (available at for $59.75) The dark green color is fairly neutral, and the oxford styling says you can roll with the big boys. The kiltie detail and tassels on the laces are also totally on trend. The lug sole is all utility, but the 4.25 tapered heel adds some femininity.



Since Viridian Sprits has declared March 5th National Absinthe Day in celebration of the U.S. repealing the ban on absinthe 5 years ago today, hand your troubles over to the green fairy at happy hour tonight. A Lucid Martini, made from Lucid Absinthe and vodka will definitely be a quick fix. Be forewarned, there’s nothing sweet about it, but it’s definitely strong enough to make all feel right with the world for a bit. I doubt I have to warn you not to guzzle this one. Few would be able to if they tried. Still keep in mind that the green fairy can be a two faced friend.


1.5 oz Lucid Absinthe
2 oz vodka

In a cocktail shaker, add ice, Lucid Absinthe, and vodka. Shake vigorously and strain into a martini glass.


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Wear, or Beware? Iris Van Herpen Spring 2012 Couture Shoes


Pause for the Claws

Pastels are always big for spring 2012 (though every year editors gush about them as if they weren’t HUGE the year before). That said, what do you think about this butter yellow pair of claw (or fang)-soled shoes from Iris van Herpen? Yes, couture is meant to push the sartorial envelope a bit. It’s for those who will change the stylistic notions of the masses before adhering to them. Still, could you pull these off? Would you be willing to try? Is there a celebrity you think would make them work, or are they just crazy shoes? I have my opinions, but I’ll hold mine until you share yours.


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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Runway Recap- Paris Fall 2012 RTW: Viktor & Rolf


Viktor & Rolf



The Viktor & Rolf runway show had a decidedly nocturnal feel, as if channeling some sort of “forest creature at night” dream sequence. Critics weren’t in love with the collection, but I found the shoes lustworthy. I’d be most likely to get my night-walk on in a pair of high gloss tortoise shell-look booties with a sculptured heel and kiltie detail. **Image via  Technorati Tags: ,,,,
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Runway Recap: Paris Fall 2012 RTW Fave Shoes- Azzaro, Rochas


Day 1

All fashion-loving eyes have turned to the City of Light for the next installment of ‘what you’ll be wearing come fall.’ The first day was pretty tame in terms of footwear, but there were a couple of stand outs.




Mathilde Castello Branco’s first collection for Azzaro wasn’t a jaw dropper, but it was definitely playful and cute. The shoes weren’t incredibly high or outrageous, either. However, they were classic and coy with their ankle straps and slight wing tips. **Image via WWD




Marco Zanini’s fall 2012 eady to wear collection for Rochas was quirkishly wearable. There were retro prints in rich hues, but they were used to create classically shaped clothes. Think pencil skirts, pleats, trousers and leisure jackets. The shoes were no different, mixing skins, textures and sometimes colors, they were perfect for my inner eclectic bookworm. **Image via 

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