Friday, March 30, 2012

Shoe Review: Nine West Actout Platforms


Acting Up



Nine West recently contacted me to review a pair of their sandals with the #flashingyourbrights hashtag. After seeing aqua, orange and white Actout sandals in their aid campaign, I figured it would be easy enough to add them to a look and flash my brights for my readers and twitter followers. When I opened my box of complimentary platform slingback sandals in black (instead of brights), I realized I had a fun challenge on my hands. Since the sandals weren’t bright, some part of my outfit would have to be. Well, here’s what I did:













Red skinny jeans, a light peach button up shirt tied at the waist and black bracelets. Now for the Verdict:

On a comfort scale from one to five, they get a 3.75. Though they have a 5.25 inch heel, they’re sturdy and supportive thanks to a 1.5 inch platform. They’re also fairly cushioned. However, they’re a bit stiff, so when I walked, there was a little rubbing at the toe opening. Stylistically speaking, I give the black Actout sandal a 3.5 (because I’m not a big fan of black patent on cork). The bright colors get a 4, meaning they wouldn’t be the shoe that makes me run into a store, but if I saw them on someone else, I’d definitely pay the person a compliment. I’d also buy them if I was attending a music festival or barbecue where my stiletto heels might get stuck in the grass. They’re under $90, so they’re fairly affordable… Maybe that should earn them another fraction of a point?


Nine West Aqua Actout platform slingback sandal

Nine West Actout platform slingback sandal in orangeNine West Actout slingback platform sandal in white

The aqua Actout Sandal , orange Actout sandal, and white Actout sandal. Click images or descriptions to purchase.

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