Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Go Drink Here NYC: NY Champagne Week

Because Everything's Better with Bubbly

The 4th Annual New York Champagne Week kicks off November 7th (& ends November 13th), and to get you ready for all its sparkling glory, we asked it's founder, Blaine Ashley for some fun facts about everyone's favorite effervescent elixir for yesterday's #TIPsyTuesday posts. If you missed them on our Instagram, twitter and Facebookkeep scrolling down after you've checked out Blaine's picks for five must-attend events (We'll be attending the press events, but we may try and sneak into one of these. Hope to see you there!): 

Champagne Piaff NYC Launch Party

Date: Wednesday, November 9th 7 pm – 10 pm
Location: The Loft Flatiron- 4th Floor, 20 W. 23rd St. New York, NY 10010
Details: Join New York Champagne Week for the official launch party for brand NEW Champagne, Champagne Piaff! Champagne lovers are invited to a night of sipping Champagne Piaff Brut & Rose wines, nosh on an array of sliders catered by East Village biker bar, Pinks NYC, indulge in a sparkling wine infused dessert bar by (Shoes N Booze buddy) Sara Lehman aka ‘Somm in the City’, play games of pool, snap pics on the interactive photo wall and spectate sabrage service led by the Founder of Champagne Piaff! And, all party go-ers will be entered to win bottles of Champagne Piaff. This is one hot ticket to the 4th Annual New York Champagne Week.
Ticket Price: $75

Let’s get Fizzacle

Date: Wednesday, November 9th 6:30 pm – 8 pm
Location: Giulietta’s Cantina Club- 13 Carmine St. New York, NY 10014
Details: Hang out at West Village’s newest hot spot, Giulietta’s Cantina Club during the 4th Annual New York Champagne Week for ‘Let’s Get Fizzacle’. Champagne enthusiasts are invited to break down the basics of the fizz biz covering it all from Champagne the region, a brief history, grape varieties, dosage levels, terroir, the champagne method and how to taste Champagne. We’ll be pouring 5 types of Champagne for attendees which will be perfectly paired with ‘ cicchetti, small snacks, typically served in traditional “bàcari” (cicchetti bars or osterie) in Venice, Italy. Champagne likely served with a side of celeb spotting.
Capacity: 30.
Knowledge level: Beginner
Ticket Price: $60

Back That Glass Up

Date: Thursday, November 10th 6:30 pm – 8 pm
Location: Giulietta’s Cantina Club- 13 Carmine St. New York, NY 10014
Details: Champagne Enthusiasts will be invited to enjoy a comparative tasting seminar highlighting the differences that glassware can make for your bubbly enjoyment. Led by WineSkool’d Founder and Educator, Keith Beavers, guests will be “skooled” on various types of glassware and how the different types play up against fizzes nose, palate and the literal-fizz. All guests will take home New York Champagne Week’s ‘Perfect’ Champagne Glass. Presented by Champagne Lombard, Champagne Bulle de Rêve and Lehmann Glassware’s Philippe Jamesse collection.
Ticket Price: $75

The St. Germain Champagne Garden Brunch

Date: Sunday, November 13th 12 pm – 3 pm
Location: Bobo- 181 W 10th St, New York, NY 10014
Details: Join New York Champagne Week Founder, Blaine Ashley and Madame St. Germain, Camille Vidal Ralph as they collaborate for the official finale event of the 4th Annual New York Champagne Week — The St.Germain Champagne Garden Brunch. Attendees will be greeted with St. Germain Champagne cocktails concocted by Madame St.Germain herself and St.Germain New York Ambassador, Marlo Gamora. The classic St.Germain cocktail, will beautifully blend the French elderflower liqueur with Ashley’s first Champagne label — Champagne Bulle de Reve, served with a lemon twist while the La Rosette will combine Champagne La Caravelle Champagne Rosé with St.Germain. Attendees will be fueled with St. Germain Champagne Cocktails, coupes of Champagne Bulle de Reve and classic brunch bites like Omlettes au Fines Herbes, Tartine au Saumon Fume and Croque Madame. Presented by Champagne Bulle de Reve, Champagne La Caravelle & St. Germain.
Ticket Price: $100

Getting Grower with It

Date: Saturday, November 12th 4 pm – 5:30 pm
Location: 111 W 20th St, New York, NY 10011
Details: Bubbly enthusiasts everywhere are falling in love with Champagne, especially when it’s made by the farmers who grow the grapes. Join David White, the author of But First, Champagne, to dive into the world of grower bubbly. Over two hours, David will detail Champagne’s history along with that of its wines and explain how and why the market is changing. Join us as we dig deep into a magical region that’s witnessed more heartbreak — and helped lubricate more celebrations — than anywhere else in the world.
Included with your registration is a signed copy of David's book, But First, Champagne.
Ticket Price: $85

For the full list of events and ticket prices, click HERE.

Oh yeah, those fun facts we promised... 

Guess what... most of those mimosas you sip at brunch are actually made with procecco or some other sparkling wine, NOT champagne. 

As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Cheers to happy accidents!

Pop bottles with care, folks! Those corks can really fly.

We guess well never know how many licks it takes to get to the center or a Tootsie Roll Pop OR how many bubbles it takes to get to the bottom of a bottle of champagne... We'll keep er researching, though.

Our bubbly buddy, Blaine even filled us in on the inspiration behind the name of her newly-released champagne, Bulle de Rêve.

Now that you're all informed and stuff... go be great (responsibly)! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Quick Sip: What to Drink on National Pumpkin Day

Because the Real Great Pumpkin Contains Booze...

Captain Morgan Jack O Blast Pumpkin Spiced Rum

Today is National Pumpkin Day (yes, really), and now that you know, be sure to sip accordingly at happy hour. There are definitely a variety of options in the beer category, like pumpkin shandy and pumpkin beer. However, if you're looking for something with a bit more kick try a drink spiked with Captain Morgan Jack-O-Blast. Since it's only Wednesday-- and this weekend will likely be a cocktail-heavy one-- we think you should steer clear of full-blown cocktails until at least tomorrow. That said, for tonight, we suggest the Jack-O' Lager, whether your taking the edge off at home or at your favorite bar. Here's how it's made:


                1 oz. Jack-O’Blast shot
                4 oz. Lager

Drop shot of Captain Morgan Jack-O’Blast in a glass of lager beer and enjoy.

Now that you're a little relaxed, what are your Halloween plans? Need last-minute shoe or cocktail suggestions? Stay tuned!

*Captain Morgan is a content partner of Shoes N Booze and occasionally sends complimentary samples of products, such as Jack-O-Blast.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Go Drink Here Jersey City: Brown Girls Bar Crawl

Sip, Sip, Sashay!!!

 Brown Girls Bar Crawl in Jersey City Sept 24

Shoes N Booze has partnered with Brown Girls Bar Crawl for another installment of #SNBXBGBC in Downtown Jersey City. This Saturday from 3-7 PM, we'll bring our collective flyness to some of my favorite hometown hangouts, where we'll enjoy drink specials and tasty appetizers. Park & Sixth and Roman Nose will kick off the crawl again (both say they have new drink options for us to try), and we're adding two new stops to the crawl: Raval and The Bistro. Oh, I've been told that men are welcome this time, so feel free to bring a fella.

Tickets available HERE.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Booze Clues: Fun Facts about Italian Wine for Ferragosto

Happy Ferrogosto from Shoes N Booze

The Italian holiday Ferragosto celebrates the harvest season and summer in general. Though introduced by the emperor Augustus in 18 BC, it also coincides with the Catholic feast of Assumption of Mary, so for many it has religious significance as well as cultural. Since it occurs in mid-August (seeing a pattern with that root word yet?), which is the summer vacation period in Italy, celebrations can last from one day to a couple of weeks. The festivities begin on August 15th. In Italy, there will be picnics, fireworks, religious observances and– most importantly for this crowd– the sharing of delicious food and great wine.

Fun Ferrogosto Facts from Shoes N Booze

If you're in the New York area, you can also join the celebration at iTrulli, where there will be a special Ferragosto-inspired lunch menu designed to feature foods traditionally enjoyed and shared during the festivities. Think panzerotti, octupus, caprese salad, meatballs, etc. Plus, the Marzovilla Family, makers of Barone Fini Wines, are partnering with the restaurant to offer a curated selection of wines to pair with your meal. As an extension of good will, 100% of the proceeds from each glass of Barone Fini purchased will directly benefit the Food Bank for New York City.

Baroni Fini WInes and Food at i Tulli for Ferrogosto

We attended a preview of the lunch last week, and it was DELICIOUS! While there, in addition to learning about the celebration of Ferragosto, we also learned quite a bit about north Italian wines, especially those from Barone Fini. The family behind the brand has been making wine since 1497 and has become an authority on the process of creating exceptional Pinot Grigio and Merlot. Our editor couldn't help but swoon as a fellow Leo and 15th-generation family member Giovanni Bonmartini-Fini guided attendees through the tasting. Of course, the experience inspired a few #TIPsyTuesday posts. If you didn't catch them on our Instagram, Facebook or twitter, here they are:

Italian Wine Label Tips from Shoes N Booze and Barone Fini

Looks like we all need to pay a little attention to labels. Granted, there are some amazing Pinot Grigio wines from various places, but we'd like to think the best of the best would come from its home country.

Italian Wine Facts from Barone Fini and Shoes N Booze

Be mindful when you're wine shopping. Many times, the higher the classification, the higher the price (because the assumption is that the wine is better). However, often, there are I.G.T. wines with quality levels at or above those of D.O.C. wines, especially in certain grape varietals.

*Bonus Fact: Because part of northern Italy was once actually part of Austria, white wines from that region, especially in the Alto Adige area, will have flavors similar to German or Austrian wines.

Now that you've gotten a little primer on Italian wines, do you feel more comfortable in the wine shop? Do you have questions we can pass on to Giovanni?

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Booze Clues: How to Do the Kentucky Chew

Be Sure to Chew your Bourbon

I.W. Harper Bourbon at Goorin Brothers in NYC

A week or so ago, our editor attended a launch event at the Goorin Brothers Hat Shop in NYC's West Village for The Harper, a limited-edition premium felt fedora created in partnership with I.W. Harper Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

Nafeesa Saboor and Ryan Ross talk bourbonWhile there, in addition to sipping cocktails and getting fitted for our her Harper hat, Nafeesa had an opportunity to taste I.W. Harper's recently-released 15 Year Old liquid, compare it with the flavor of their Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and to chat about all things bourbon with New York Master of Whiskey, Ryan Ross. As the two discussed the I.W. Harper brand legacy (it's one of the oldest bourbon brands and actually ceased US sales for 20 years before returning recently, though it was continually in production and sold overseas) and the flavor notes in both liquids, another attendee joined the conversation and inquired about the tasting process. Ryan introduced him to the "Kentucky Chew" and consequently inspired this week's #TIPsyTuesday posts on Instagram and Twitter. If you missed the posts yesterday, here they are:

Bourbon Sipping tips from I.W. Harper Bourbon

We know... sometimes it's hard to resist. However, if you're taking shots of aged or premium bourbon, you're wasting it. For some, it's an acquired taste, but the category has a rapidly-growing female fan base. Experiment with different brands and ages... you'll soon find your favorite sipper.

Bourbon Tasting Tips from Shoes N Booze

Your nose actually experiences the things you eat and drink before your taste buds even come into contact with them, this affects the way your taste buds's perception.

Bourbon tasting tips from Shoes N Booze

Your tongue has various different flavor zones that work together to create a full perception. Keep this in mind when tasting bourbon, other spirits and wine. And now... here's how you do the "Kentucky Chew"... 

Tips on the Kentucky Chew

This is only one tasting method. It' probably the most widely known, but there are a number of others used by professionals and connoisseurs within the spirits world. Now that you know the proper way to taste bourbon, go out and share your knowledge... and remember friends don't let friends do shots of good bourbon.

Oh yeah... here's The Harper:

I.W. Harper Bourbons and Goorin Bros Harper Fedora 

Expect to see it on Nafeesa's head pretty often once the temps start to drop outside.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Shoe Sleuth: What Shoes to Wear on Rainy Summer Days

Hot, Wet & Bothered

Dear Shoe Sleuth,

What do I wear when it's 90 degrees and rainy in New York? Galoshes make my feet and legs HOT, my cute sandals get ruined and flip flops get just plain gross. There's also always the "it might not rain all day, and then I'll be wearing rain boots for nothing" thing. And I'm a mom to two young boys. HELP!

Slipping in the Rain

Dear S.I.T.R.,

Fret not. I've often felt challenged when selecting shoes for rainy summer days. I learned the hard way to stay away from flip-flops (slipping, sliding and splashing yucky, dirty water up the backs of my legs). As a result, over the years I've developed go-to characteristics that I keep in mind. First, I opt for plastic- usually EVA styles. I also try the make sure that if the shoe is an open style, it's not completely flat to the ground and has some sort of ankle strap or support to keep it on my foot. Lastly, I try to find something that looks fun (gray days can be a drag, so I try to let my shoes lift my spirits a bit). Now that you know my formula, here are a few suggestions at different price points for almost any activity.

Easy Does It

Ipanema Phillipe Starck Flat sandals

If it's a drizzly day, but you're not expecting a storm or heavy downpour, consider a minimal flat, like this "Thing N" sandal from IPANEMA + PHILLIPE STARCK. The open style makes it easy  for your feet to dry once the rain has stopped, and the heel cap will help keep your foot in place. $40 at or other colors are on clearance for less at Opening Ceremony.

Melissa Mar Flatform Sandal

If it's raining heavily, and there are puddles, consider a sandal with a platform (because we've all stepped into a puddle that was deeper than we thought, and none of us enjoyed it). This "Mar" flatform sandal from Melissa is a great option, and it gets bonus points for the feminine rose quartz hue (a key color for 2016 according to Pantone). $112 at

Office Obligations

United Nude Super Sandal

If you're in a situation that requires heels, consider something that has a non-slip sole. This "Super" sandal from United Nude is a great choice with its architectural styling, and molded rubber heel. It also has that whole sport-inspired-but-still-sophisticated thing going for it. Sleek ankle-length pants or a midi-length pencil skirt will further refine the look. $199 at

Biion Floral wingtip

If your office requires lots of time on your feet, consider a menswear-inspired wingtip in a feminine floral print, like this style from Biion. Though it's completely closed-in, there are perforations for ventilation, but don't worry about your feet getting soaked and swampy. Once you put the shoes on, they create almost a vacuum effect that keeps most of the water out but lets air in. (I know from experience because I was once gifted a pair, and I LOVE them. If you can, wear thin mini socks, as they sometimes rub at the heel. $109.99 at

Day-to-Day Errands

Native Shoes Sparkly Silver Sneaker

Sometimes you have to add your own silver lining to the day's clouds. Enter this sparkly EVA "Jericho Bling" slip-on sneaker from Native Shoes. It has classic styling and a go-with-all silhouette. It's also PETA approved. $55 at

Opalescent Rubber Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

You can't go wrong with a pair of Chucks. Seriously. NEVER. And this opalescent  All Star is actually rubber. Whether you're in denim cut-offs, a cool t-shirt dress or cropped joggers, this Chuck Taylor works- and without looking all-out soccer-mom. $59.99 at

So, SITR, do any of these options work for you? If not, do you at least have an idea of what to look for now? Let me know in the comments. And remember that I'm always at your shoe-searching service.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Shoe News: Giuseppe Zanotti Collaborates with JLo on Capsule Collection

Mami in Giuseps...

Footwear News announced yesterday that Jennifer Lopez will be teaming up with one of her favorite shoe designers on a limited-edition capsule collection of footwear and handbags for Spring '17. Slated for a January release, Giuseppe for Jennifer Lopez will feature open-toe booties, gladiator heels and a pair of wedge sneakers (just when we thought the wedge sneaker was completely out)— many embellished with jewels or in luxe materials. Prices for #GiuseppeXJennifer will range from $795- $1,995, and the collection will be available at high-end department stores and via Giuseppe Zanotti Design stores.

While there are a few images of the prototypes floating around the web, we can't wait to see the actual collection. Can you?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Booze Clues: 5 Fun Facts about Rum

Hey Sugar!

Yesterday, we introduced our #TIPsyTuesday series on Instagram, twitter and Facebook, where we share information, tips and fun facts about wine, spirits and cocktails. Having recently enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of complimentary Appleton Estate Rum cocktails and Caribbean cuisine at New York's Solomon & Kuff Rum Hall while learning about the history and future of one of Jamaica's key exports, we figured rum would make a great starting point. If you missed our posts, here are the tidbits of trivia we shared (plus a couple of extras).

Sugar Cane at Appleton Estate for TIPsyTuesday on Shoes N Booze

As many of us know, sugar became a major crop throughout the southern United States and Carribean. (Unfortunately, the sweet stuff was also a key component of the transatlantic slave trade.) 

Rum was currency- TipsyTuesday facts on Shoes N Booze

Throughout history, rum, gin, whisky and  American whiskey have been used as forms of payment, even until the early 1900s in some places. (We still work for booze sometimes here, hehe.) Rum, especially, has been used to pay sailors, soldiers, farmers, day laborers and sometimes even slaves.

The origin of rum- TipsyTuesday on Shoes N Booze

We must say this was a happy accident. Had it not happened, there would be no such thing as a daiquiri, a mojito or a piña colada (and that would basically ruin summer).

Rum terroir is a key flavor factor- TIPsyTuesday on ShoesNBooze

Very often, spirits are produced in areas with a large presence of limestone because the trace minerals in the water impart a fresh, slightly sweet taste. That, in turn, means the spirit will also have a more pleasant flavor.

1 ton of sugar makes 360 bottles of rum- TIPsyTuesday Shoes N Booze

The byproducts and waste are mostly used to further fuel operations at the estate to ensure a more eco-responsible production process.

Joy Spence of Appleton Estate with the new 50 Year Old blend

Joy Spence, seen here with the newly unveiled Appleton Estate 50 Year Old, is the Master Blender at Appleton Estate and is also the first woman to be appointed Master Blender in the world (#blackgirlmagic).

Oh... we got to blend our own bitters at the event. Our mixture is currently resting in a cool, dry place, but stay tuned to our Instagram to see if we did a good job or not, and in the meantime, if you're in New York be sure to stop by Solomon & Kuff.

Shoes N Booze made its own bitters

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Quick Sips: A Cocktail Recipe for National Daiquiri Day

Daiquiri, Easy as 1-2-3

Today is National Daiquiri Day. Although at this point there are various flavors and iterations of Ernest Hemingway's favorite cocktail, we're toasting with the original. According to the folks at Bacardi, the daiquiri was created in 1898 in Cuba by Jennings Cox and then introduced to the U.S.A. by Rear Admiral Lucius W. Johnson in the early 1900s at the Army & Navy Club in Washington, DC. While the modern daiquiri is often served in slush form, especially in New Orleans, here's how you make the original:

The Original Bacardi Daiquiri for National Daiquiri Day on Shoes N Booze

The Original BACARDÍ® Daiquiri
3 parts BACARDÍ Superior
1 part freshly squeezed lime
1 part simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water boiled until sugar has been diluted.)

Put all ingredients into a shaker.  Fill with half cubed ice and half crushed ice.  Shake vigorously until chilled.  Double strain into a coupe or rocks glass.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

5 Fave Shoes from Ivy Kirzhner's Fall 16 Collection

Stars and Strikes

Not long ago, at the opening of the Bird Robot Heart art exhibit at Ivy Kirzhner's New York studio, we had a chance to not only preview the designer's SS '17 pre-fall collection (which we're not allowed to share yet), but also get up close and personal with her AW '16 collection. Inspired largely by 80s rock & roll decadence — namely the special dose of magic found in David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust— the collection features gleaming hardware accents on designs that mix Inuit influence and urban style sensibilities. We're enjoying high summer, but with an eye on fall, here are the pairs that put a twinkle in our eyes.
Ivy Kirzhner Lightning Pump
We love the yellow gold accent and rose gold heel on this studded "Lightning" pump. In red, it's just over-the-top enough for all types of chic shenanigans. ($495 at

Ivy Kirzhner Crane thigh-high boot
This "Crane" boot? Simply put, it's sex on a stiletto heel– from the thigh-high silhouette in stretch-nappa leather to the gold grommets and lace-up look that nods ever so sensually to S&M. The open toe is just the place to show off that new hooker-red pedi. ($795 at

Ivy Kirzhner Stardust Boot
A galaxy of stars and studs dance on an over-the-knee suede boot, creating a showstopping tribute to David Bowie's larger-than-life performance style. We'd wear this "Stardust" boot every day if we could. OK... we would never wear the same shoes every day, but you get the point. ($995 on

Ivy Kirzhner Swiss Bootie
When the temps actually drop, sometimes it's tough to keep things haute... unless you have the "Swiss" wedge bootie. Wild hare fur juts from between western-inspired studded straps on an almond-toe boot with a rose gold plaque at the heel. These'll be perfect for weekend brunch. (Not yet available)

Ivy Kirzhner Aztrakhan Boot
If ever there was a shearling boot for us, the "Aztrakhan" is it. A hidden wedge, edgy straps and an over-the-knee silhouette atop a lug sole? Yes, please! We may have finally found the perfect boot to wear to JETS games. (Not yet available)

If this is your first time hearing of Ivy Kirzhner, it most definitely won't be your last. She's a fave of your favorite fashion editors, and her shoes have been spotted on Beyonce, Nastia Liukin and a host of other celebrities. Oh yeah... she only uses ethically-sourced materials, so there's also that.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

World Kiss Day Wednesday: Charlotte Olympia Mules & Pink Limoncello Cocktails

Maybe we Could do the Twirl

In case you didn't know, July 6th is International Kissing Day, or World Kiss Day. Established in 2006, the day celebrates the act of puckering up simply for the enjoyment of it and not just as a prelude to more frisky pursuits. Like the kiss, cocktails and hot shoes often lead to... cheeky activities. However, here, we enjoy fancy footwear and fun drinks simply for what they are, and our fave place to put our lips is the rim of a cocktail glass. Here's how we suggest acknowledging this lip-inspired day.

On Your Feet: Charlotte Olympia "Kiss My Feet" Mules

Charlotte Olympia Pink Lip-strap sandals
Let's be honest, if you opened a kissing booth, you'd make enough cash to cover a year's worth of designer shoes. That's not your thing, though. Nonetheless, leave people wanting to kiss the ground you walk on in a playfully sexy shoe, like this satin mule from Charlotte Olympia's Kiss and Make Up Collection. In must-wear silhouette for this season, the "Kiss My Feet" sandal features a dainty stiletto heal and a puckered lip-inspired front strap. Keep your look sweet with a flared skirt and flirty off-the-shoulder top or add some edge with frayed skinny jeans and a deep-v tee.

In your Glass: A LiDestri Pink Limoncello Summer Fling 

LiDestri Pink Limoncello Summer Fling cocktail
The best summer flings start with amazing kisses, don't they? They're sweet, intense, refreshing and powerful... just like this cocktail LiDestri Pink Limoncello cocktail by Delissa Reinosa. Here's the recipe:

1 part LiDestri Pink Limoncello
1 part Whiskey
1 part Orange juice
Splash of Grenadine
Club Soda topper

Build over ice in rocks glass. Garnish with slice of orange and cherry.

Remember, like a casual romance, a cocktail can leave you with some pretty bad after-effects if not handled responsibly. Please enjoy this and all drinks in moderation. XOXO!

Do you have fun plans for World Kiss Day? We'd love to know! In the meantime... some options for the perfect pout print:

*All images are courtesy images.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Shoes Clues: What to Wear Where on the 4th

Because #Murica

Got plans for the Fourth? Of course you do. Do you know which shoes to wear? Not yet? We've got you covered. Whether you're headed to a street festival, backyard bbq, firework display with your boo or a pool party (where you may meet a new boo), there is a red, white, and/or blue shoe here for you.

Poolside Pretty

Melissa Shoes High Heel Jelly Sandal

Pool party footwear is often tough to figure out. You want a bit of elevation, but a stiletto often feels a bit overdone. Wedges are great, but will they be ok if (when) you get splashed? That's why Melissa is our go-to brand for situations such as these. They're all plastic... so you get the functionality of jellies, and the added bonus of trend-right style. This T-strap sandal will look great with with your bathing suit, and it'll still work when it's time to dance after sunset. $59.99 at Amazon.


Jessica Simpson Basanti Lace-up Sandal

Fireworks are great, but you're more a fan of the sparklers on bottle service at the club. We dig it. You can still rock a patriotic theme without going full out flag-clad. This high-impact Basanti Sandal from Jessica Simpson combines this season's key trends- fringe, tassels, a lace-up front and an intricate print. All you need now is a sexy white top and distressed cut-offs. $149 at Amazon.

BYOB BBQ at the Park

United Nude Platform Sport Sandal

Grass, dirt, the possibility of spilled food... what's a girl to do when she's headed to a barbecue in the park and doesn't want to endanger her favorite white kicks? We suggest this sport-inspired Rico X Tech neoprene flatform from United Nude. It's got enough lift to keep the grass from tickling your toes, and the ankle strap will keep you secure should you decide indulge in an ill-advised game of drunken kickball.

Herschel Supply Co red white and blue tote

If you're wondering about the best way to transport your drinks and snacks without a cooler, Herschel Supply Co just launched a new collection of bags and hats in collaboration with Coca Cola. Rendered in a fabric created from recycled plastic bottles and insulated with a cooler lining, the bags keep your drinks cool won't leak in the off chance of a spill. The Bamfield Tote pictured is $79.

Food Truck Festival Finery

Red white and blue gladiator sandal by Jeffrey Campbell

You filled up on your favorite uncle's BBQ sauce (on chicken and fish and basically everything) on Memorial Day, so you've opted to spend Independence Day at a nearby food truck festival. That means LOTS of walking, tasting and day drinking. Woot! This demi-wedge Burma sandal from Jeffrey Campbell ($85) is the perfect shoe for you. In a patriotic color theme and this season's must have gladiator silhouette, it'll go perfectly with that kitschy graphic tee and those frayed-hem jeans.

Beach Vibes

Holographic sport slides

The Fourth of July is as good an excuse as any for fun in the sun and sand. The shoes? Opt for a trippy slide like the Stargazer from Fly Jane. The faceted metallic front strap kinda channels the rockets' red glare, no? Plus they'll still look cool for the rest of the summer even when you're not at the beach. $24 at

Family Cook-out Fun

Reebok x Kendrick Lamar Classics

When was the last time you jumped rope with your nieces and cousins? Maybe the day will be the day. Better wear sneakers just in case. Reebok recently teamed up with Kendrick Lamar again to create a limited-edition sneaker that brings the issue of gang violence to the forefront or public consciousness. The new rendition of the The Classic Leather just happens to be red, white and blue. Oh... and they come in sizes for the whole family, so if you and bae are into matching... here ya go. $65 at

Because Sparklers

Sequined Red white blue Converses

Baby you're a firework, and you show it every chance you get. You might as well be a star in stripes, right? Even if you don't have huge plans, these sequined Chuck Taylors will add a dose of fun to your day. $89.99 at Amazon.

Whatever you do to celebrate please do so safely and responsibly. XOXO.

*All images courtesy images. Shoes N Booze is an amazon affiliate. Purchases made by clicking amazon links will result in commission to Shoes N Booze.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Booze News: Boston's Schuyler Hunton Named the Northeast's Most Imaginative Bartender

Cheers and Congrats

Contestents of the Most Imaginative Bartender Competition in NY
USBG & Bombay Sapphire's Most Imaginative Bartender Competition Participants - Courtesy Image

A few days ago, we attended the United States Bartenders' Guild's finals for the 10th Annual Most Imaginative Bartender Competition, sponsored by Bombay Sapphire Gin in Manhattan. Held at Pier A, the competition challenged 10 of the top bartenders from New York, Boston, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia to create cocktails that made memorable first impressions, not only in flavor, but also presentation.

Cocktails at the Most Imaginative Bartender Competition 2016Cocktail Ingredients

There was a cocktail inspired by one contestant's recently-deceased Kung Fu master, which featured tea as a main ingredient and was presented in a beautiful mini garden. Another bartender created a cocktail to help "reduce the ethanol footprint of the alcohol," with raw honey and bee pollen among its ingredients. Then there was the cocktail that infused manzanilla sherry with seaweed. We think they were all amazing. However, the judges were apparently blown away by Schuyler Hunton's presentation, which was inspired by a classic English breakfast and featured toast and jam with his "Breakfast in Bombay" cocktail taking the place of the egg. Here's the cocktail and its recipe.

Breakfast in Bombay cocktail at Most Imaginative Cocktail Competition
"Breakfast in Bombay" by Schuyler Hunton

Breakfast in Bombay
2 oz Bombay Sapphire Gin
¾ oz Grapefruit Earl Grey Oleo Saccharum
½ oz Lemon Juice
½ oz Egg White
Tea Pot Bitter Spritz

Hunton will move on to the North American Finals in England, where he'll face off against 9 of the top bartenders across the U.S. and Canada. That batch of candidates will get visit the Layerstoke Mill Distillery— the brand home of Bombay Sapphire Gin, where they'll compete for the 2016 North American title. The grand prize winner will get a trip to Tuscany to learn about the special blend of botanicals that make up Bombay Sapphire's recipe and will also be featured on the cover of GQ Magazine's December issue.

We salute all the entrants and look forward to seeing who wins. Cheers!