Monday, September 22, 2008

Don't Mess with Me Monday: Jonathan Kelsey Cleo Pumps & Remy Martin Cognac

Get it Bronzed

So... it's the first day of a new work week and of a new season. Doesn't it seem like the Summer's serenity gave way to Autumn's structure a little too quickly? Don't go getting all S.A.D., though. The best cure for an approaching case of Seasonal Affective Disorder (at least for us footwear fiends) is a new pair of high heels. Don't lament the transition. Celebrate instead with this pair of architecturally inspired bronze "Cleo" pumps by Jonathan Kelsey. Their pointy toe and approx. 4 inch heel, along with the diagonal strap will give you a Judy Jetson meets Jessica Rabbit kind of sex appeal. It's rare that a shoe's winks to the future blend seamlessly with subtle nods to the past, creating a very of-the-moment, no nonsense look.

One good thing about Fall is that it opens up your drink choices quite a bit (enter, dark liquor). During the summer we at S&B stick to white and light liquors because the dark ones make us feel a little too warm. Anyway, tonight, drink like the boys and order a "Dream". A combination of Remy Martin Cognac, Grand Marnier and a little Lucid Absinthe, this drink is sure to help you shake of a case of the "Mondays". Beware, though, if you're a lightweight you'll want to sip this and limit yourself to one, or else you may find yourself in a drunken nightmare.

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