Monday, December 22, 2008

Cutesy Tuesday: Angeleigh Anastasio Briana Pumps & Mistletoe Martinis

A Vision in Sugarplum

You've been jaunting to and from holiday soirees since Black Friday and have worn season-inspired clothing to each one. By now you must be tired of red, gold and green, so wow your crowd in something a little sweeter. Channel your inner sugar plum fairy in a pair of pink pumps like Angeleigh Anastasio's Brianas (available at . Lace-like detailing plus a magenta and silver color combination equals an almost automatic inclusion on Santa's "nice" list. Yet the 4 inch heel and sorta-sensual Swarovski fur accent add just a little bit of "naughty".

What's a Christmas party without a little mistletoe? Even if you don't have someone to smooch, a Mistletoe Martini (recipe and image courtesy of is like a sweet kiss for your taste buds. Drink enough of it, and this confectionary cocktail made of X-Rated Fusion Liqueur and Tanqueray Gin will also have you swooning. Besides, maybe it'll give you the courage to approach the handsome stranger standing in the corner for a dance (and perhaps even a little holiday peck)

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  1. You just HAD to post my current shoelust, didn't you? ;-) LOVE it, along with the mistletoe martini. I'll have to try that recipe!

    Happy Holidays!