Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cutesy Tuesday: D&G Patent Peep Toes & Bulldog Sweet Tails

Sexy Back

Here's the thing about you: you're as confident as you are coy, and you've mastered the art of walking the line between them. The combination is evident in everything about you, especially your fashion sense. That said, today, opt for a pair of shoes that captures the contradiction perfectly. We suggest something like these D&G patent peep toed pumps from the Autumn 09 collection (available at The peep toe, contrast piping and creamy pink coloring give them classic appeal, while the 4 inch stiletto heel indicates a little risk factor. Then the black lace at the back adds an alluring touch. However, what really sets them off is the almost-playful bow... nice finish!

A woman who wears these shoes may opt for a classic martini, but she may also order something a little more tongue-in-cheek. We're digging the Bulldog Sweet Tail at the moment. Like you and your shoes, it's classy with a kick. Ask your bartender to combine Bulldog Gin with a few mint sprigs, some vanilla beans, a dash of creme de cassis and a little simple syrup. The result will be a cool drink with a little bite, a bit of sweet to cut it, and a smooth finish. Just remember there's nothing smooth or alluring about a drunk, so sip responsibly.

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