Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day: Carbon Neutral Blogging, Green Cocktails and Cute Shoes

Tree Spirited

It's been said that motherhood can be a thankless job. After all the damage we humans have inflicted, Mother Nature (AKA Mother Earth) would probably agree with that statement. Maybe all the recent earthquakes, tornadoes and other natural disasters are her way of scolding her unappreciative children. Then again, maybe they're just a part of her aging process. Nonetheless, today is Earth Day, and it's our job to celebrate her. Plant a tree, pick up litter, donate to an eco-charity. Oh, and wear your most awesome pair of green shoes. I adore Poetic License's Spring Bloom sandals (available at and also at Shoegasm). Though they're not especially eco-conscious, the green leaf motif pays an adorable homage to Mother Nature's Splendor.

While your shoes may reflect your eco-attitude more in design than in material, you can make up for it by drinking a cocktail made from organic or Earth-friendly ingredients. Last year, I recommended one of VeeV Acai Spirit's Veev-tini cocktails (a tree is planted for every one ordered at certain restaurants). However, if you're not watching the NFL Draft at one of the locations on the VeeV list, you should ask your bartender for an Eco-Tea-Ni. A combination of Vodka 360 (an eco-friendly vodka), green tea liqueur and green tea, it'll give you a little kick and a nice boost. 

I've decided to also do my part through this blog by making it carbon neutral. Actually a tree will be planted because of this post. Kaufda, a company from Denmark has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree in Northern California's Plumas National Forest for every blog that mentions their initiative. Apparently, a blog with 15,000 visits per month has a yearly carbon dioxide emission of 8 pounds. Having one tree planted will neutralize the carbon footprint of Shoes N Booze! Maybe one tree seems like a small contribution, but it's a start... What will be your gift to Mother Nature today?

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