Monday, October 25, 2010

Don't Mess with Me Monday- BCA Month: Beatrix Ong Avery

Straight Laced

You can hang with the boys without losing your girlish charm, and that's taken you pretty far, professionally and otherwise. Today, choose shoes that'll take you just as far, fashionably, like Beatrix Ong's Avery lace ups (available at sassy-meets-sweet combination of blush leather and black lace is de rigeur for Fall 2010, and the heel height of about 4.7 inches ups the vamp factor. Meanwhile, the styling is akin to that of a men's dress shoe, and masculine inspirations in women's fashion have become a mainstay.

You've been told you drink like one of the fellas, but you tend to draw the line at beer. While you're cheering your team to victory during Monday Night Football, let a Mike's Hard Pink Lemonade quench your thirst. It looks super girly, but it's got the same kick as the original version. Plus, you'll be supporting a company that's down for the cause. Having lost a member of the Mike's Hard family to breast cancer in 2009, the company donates $250,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation annually. Please remember not to drink too many, or to drink them too fast. Malt beverages may lead to gas, and a lady who belches like a man is not sexy.

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