Friday, February 13, 2015

Spot-Light: Olma Caviar Boutique & Bar's Vday Menu

Nibble. Sip. Repeat.


Champagne wishes and caviar dreams... I definitely have them. Do you? If so, Valentine's Day is a prime time for indulging, and Olma Caviar Boutique and Bar is the place to do it. Tucked into a cozy corner of The Plaza Food Hall, it's the only restaurant in Manhattan that serves Beluga Caviar. It also features a selection of dozens of red and black caviars with prices ranging from $5 to $3,499. (Yes, I said $5. No, that wasn't a typo.) That basically means you can nosh at this hideaway even if you're not livin' la vida ballin'. 

I recently stopped by Olma to check out the caviar, and was delighted to learn the salmon— which is among the more inexpensive items on the menu— is delicious (think rich salmon flavor, a good level of brine, strong enough to hold up to white wine or champagne but not overpowering). My favorite, though, was the Ostera Karat. Its flavor was intense and briny (if you're unfamiliar with caviar, imagine the intensity of a marinated black olive). Though I had an effervescent glass of Taittinger Champagne with my caviar, I think the Ostera would actually be better with premium vodka. While Olma's regular menu includes both caviar platters and various snacks that feature its addition, the Valentine's Day Special includes caviar platters with glasses of Taittinger. Here's the menu: 

If you're romantically unattached, a little fabulous nosh is the perfect end to a day of pampering (solo or with your BFF) or a fab pregame for a night of partying. For those who are attached, think of it as culinary foreplay. 

Either way, here's a toast to you, my fellow luxe lushes. To the glamorous life (even if we only get to live it for as long as it takes to finish your fish eggs.)

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