Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cutesy Tuesday: Floral Steve Madden Pumps & Hibiscus Cocktails

Pretty is as Tipsy Does

On Your Feet

Steve Madden Varcityy Floral D'orsay Pump on Shoes N Booze

Temps are rising outside, and it's starting to feel like spring. Embrace the changing seasons (and give yourself the bouquet you deserve anyway) in a floral pump, like the Varcityy from Steve Madden ($99.95 at Painterly blooms brighten your day, while a trend-right d'orsay silhouette elongates legs. The black trim nods to the facth that while it's almost spring, we're not quite there yet. It adds a pretty pop to all black and dresses up denim.

In Your Glass

Sorel Sumberge Cocktail featuring Sorel hibiscus liqueur

Since you're giving yourself flowers today, you might as well sip something floral at happy hour. Meet Sorel, a hibiscus liqueur that's slightly sweet, a bit spicy and quite tasty. If you're going to a bar, ask for it with gin and a splash of elderflower liqueur (like St. Germain). If you're going home to unwind, make yourself a Sorel Submerge. (It requires freezing 2 cubes of sorel in an ice tray, so do that part, then change clothes, start cooking, check previous posts from this blog, etc.)

2 cubes Sorel
2oz NY Distilling Navy Strength Gin
1oz St. Germain

Place frozen cubes of Sorel into a highball glass. Add gin and St. Germain. Since Sorel cubes don't float, they'll sit at the bottom of the glass and dissolve slowly.

If you're interested in more shoe options:

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