Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shoe News: Ruthie Davis Does Doubles

Ruthie Davis Desings a BOGO line

Hey shoelovers! We recently heard that Ruthie Davis will be offering a line of two-fer shoes next fall. Apparently, she realized a problem: sometimes we need to go from heels to flats in the blink of an eye without sacrificing style. Her answer was to design coordinating flats to go with her heels and then sell both for the price of one. She's calling them "Sushi Combos." (Yummy!) Oh, and they'll come with adorable graffiti print bag to carry them in. Oh, and the $698 to $798 price point will be noticeably lower than her normal $795 to $1295. No worries, though, she'll be using the same high-quality materials. The designs will just be less ornate. We haven't gotten our hands on any pics of the new line yet, so we figured we'd tempt you with a Sushi shoe from the current Summer '09 collection.

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