Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cutesy Tuesday: Escada Bow Pumps and Manhattan Cocktails

Prep School Chic

Did you catch last night's episode of Gossip Girl? No? Neither did we. That doesn't mean you can't channel your inner Blair Waldorf. Ever a lady in public (or at least she should be), she's also shrewd and driven. (Let's just ignore the eating disorder and conniving tendencies, shall we?) You've also got a prim and proper exterior. It's as if Escada made these grosgrain bow pumps just for you (and Blair). The supple camel colored leather, the contrasting piping, 4 inch heel and bow... well, the combination just screams to be accompanied by pearls. Yet, the pointy toe adds something a bit naughty (but that's you too).

No prepster worth her weight in madras will go through life without sipping AT LEAST one Manhattan. The great thing about this drink- it's such a classic you don't have to remember the ingredients when ordering. (But keep in mind that there are many variations.) The tough thing (for some) is the kick. (Even premium bourbon- like Woodford Reserve- can be a tough pill to swallow for the faint of palate). The sweet vermouth, bitters and (maybe) maraschino cherry juice neutralize it a little, but it's a strong drink no matter how you pour it. Still, you might as well prepare for your days as a lady who lunches. Please imbibe with caution. Cute shoes with broken heels are not accepted in high society.

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