Friday, September 25, 2009

Fun Friday: Brian Atwood Jeweld Pumps & Grey Goose Starlight Cocktails

Twinkle, Little Star

It's been said that you're the life of the party, a diva, a character and a gem. Some have even whispered that your over-the-t0p personality borders on being too much. That doesn't bother you, though. You revel in your rock star personality (and tendencies). No matter what the calendar says, everyday is Friday to you. Someone like you must've been on Brian Atwood's mind when he designed these jeweled pumps. The hidden platform, almond toe and 5 inch stiletto heel are all simple enough, but the rainbow of tiny jewels make them impossible to miss (just like you.) They also fall right in line with the disco queen theme that's taken over fashion lately. If this shoe's for you, we don't need to tell you what to wear with it, but we'll suggest a simple party frock anyway.

What's a self-respecting star without her signature cocktail? And it (absolutely) MUST be made from ingredients that are tough to find, right? Well... you can call the Grey Goose Starlight your liquid costar. It's sweet, tangy and severely intoxicating (yes, we're still talking about the drink, not you.) Once you've got the bartender under your spell, tell him or her to mix Grey Goose Vodka, maraschino, POM Wonderful, passionfruit syrup and a little white grapefruit juice. Then, work your magic on the cutie at the other end of the bar... he'll have the bartender put your drinks on his tab. Just don't get greedy and drink too much... You may have a rock star personality, but you don't have the budget for Betty Ford.

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  1. Those pumps are so HOT!!! I need them on my feet!!! Great post!!