Friday, October 30, 2009

Fun Friday: Charlotte Olympia Greta Pumps

Halloween Hauteness

You may not be able to wear your entire costume to work today, but you can dress your feet up. Feel like your job's a prison? Could it be that you're always mediating coworker clashes? Well, whether you're feeling like a prisoner or a referee, a pair of black and white striped pumps will say it all. These Greta pumps by Charlotte Olympia (available at are the trick and the treat! The black suede and white patent leather stripes will work with various costume ideas (and your fave LBD or black ankle length slacks... or whatever you choose!) The 5.5 inch chunky heel and 1 inch platform simultaneously add whimsy, chic and sex appeal. Plus, platforms tend to be more conducive to long nights on your feet... and whether you're bar-hopping, partying or participating in a costumed parade this weekend, I know you're planning to be on your feet for quite a while.

Halloween on a Saturday means more celebrating, and this weekend let your drink of choice be a Coconut Scream (recipe and image from A combination of Malibu Cocounut Rum, Stolichnaya Vodka, Hiram Walker Triple Sec and a little lime juice, it's strong enough to give you a good buzz but also pleasantly sweet. Please know when to blow the wistle on your consumption, though. Shoes & Booze team members will be too busy enjoying the festivities to come bail you out of jail for any lewd behavior. (At least you'll have on your prison stripes already, though, right?)

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