Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shoes in the News: Oprah's Shoe Interventions

When Footwear Makes you Look Fat...

Yesterday's episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show featured shoe and handbag makeovers from
ELLE Magazine's Joe Zee, O, The Oprah Magazine's, Adam Glassman and celebrity stylist/ Harper's Bazaar contributor, Mary Alice Stephenson. I wasn't able to catch the show, but I did peruse the recap on Oprah's website, and I was aghast at some of the footwear atrocities they corrected (although some seemed pretty common-sense: Piggy faced flats? Really?)

We say in our headline that your shoes say a lot about who you are, and Joe & co. aptly pointed out that many women are selecting footwear that simply isn't right for them. The fact that a shoe is trendy, inexpensive, or "Oh-My-God" gorgeous doesn't mean they belong on EVERY woman's foot. It's important to take an honest look and figure out if a shoe calls attention to your "cankles," or pumps up your pudge factor. Then there are some that are simply inappropriate for your lifestyle. The suggestions the style team made for women on the show were cool, but I was a bigger fan of what they did in Oprah's Accessory Boutique (sponsored by and Macy's.)

I KNOW the ONLY kind of intervention S&B readers need is one that helps them stop splurging on amazing shoes. However I'm willing to bet that we all know someone else who can use a little help. That said, do you have any friends in need of my assistance? I may be making some suggestions to a few people I know in later posts (because the beauty of blog posts is largely in their brevity), and I'll gladly add them to the list. In the meantime, check out this video to see how they took a churchgoing woman from pole-ready to pulpit-friendly in a pair of purple Sergio Rossi Pumps.

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  1. OMG ...They did a fantastic job!!! Forget those Sergio Rossi pumps (not really, but...), Who were those THIGH HIGH BLACK BOOTS BY?????? WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!