Monday, January 25, 2010

Help and Heeling: Soles4Souls 1 Million Pair Promise to Haiti

When disaster strikes- as it did almost two weeks ago in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti- I often find it difficult to write, especially about high end shoes and yummy drinks. I watch the news and see stories of struggle, death destruction... of help and of hope. There's this "what can I do" feeling, coupled with "how can I blog about indulgences when so many are going without?" Well, I share info with my readers on how they can help... and I try to let a slick pair of stilts lift all our spirits. That said, I have some info for you directly from Soles4Souls. The Nashville based non-profit has committed to providing 1 million pairs of shoes for relief efforts in Haiti and has already distributed thousands of "family relief packages" containing food, water, medical supplies, cleaning products, baby products, clothes and shoes. In addition, they will continue to provide aid throughout 2010- even after the cameras have left and the twitter trending topics have ceased. I'll definitely be sending in some of my barely or never-worn sneakers and flats (plus those of family and friends) and hope you will too! (This is one instance where I don't think heels are appropriate) To find out how you can help, visit

*Update: Jessica Simpson and some of her celebrity friends have joined the relief efforts with an online video that can be seen at You can also make donations via that site.

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