Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rocking the Red Pump: National Women & Girls HIV/ AIDS Awareness Day

Life or Death

Georgina Goodman Women's Suede Sparkle Leather PumpNice shoes, right? They're Georgina Goodman's Sparkle Pumps. Normally I'd post a picture of my own red pumps, but I need new ones, so these will have to do. Done swooning? Good... now READ...

Fact: Every 9 and a half minutes someone is infected with HIV in the United States.

Fact: Every 35 minutes, a woman tests positive for HIV in the United States (and that's only the women who are actually getting tested!)

Fact: Both of those statistics can be drastically changed if we as women take more responsibility for our health by getting tested regularly and having open, honest conversations with our partner(s) before engaging in sexual activities with them. 

Today is National Women & Girls HIV/ AIDS Awareness Day. Shoes N Booze is Rocking the Red Pump in hopes that our readers will see it as a catalyst to take control of their health. Ladies, if you're in a casket, your shoes don't matter. After work cocktails may be fun, but antiviral ones aren't. That said, no one will protect you if YOU don't. Know your status, and don't get into bed with a man (or woman) if you don't KNOW his (or hers). 

*Facts were obtained from Please pay them a visit to learn more about the disease and how you can get involved in the fight. Please also tune into "Rise: the Resurrection Show" this Thursday night at 8 PM Eastern to learn ways of healing, not only for those INfected with the disease, but also those AFfected by it.

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