Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shoes Clues: Monticello Spring 2010

Like any shoemonger worth her weight in stilettos, I'm obsessed with Giuseppe Zanotti, Ruthie Davis, Casadei and the like. However, I also love finding out about new shoe brands (or not so new ones that I simply didn't know about before). That said, imagine my delight when someone from Monticello Shoes asked me to select a pair from their new Spring 2010 collection to receive (gratis) and then review. It was a tough choice. 

There was the mint green "Sanaa" ($157.95). I loved the fun color and the flower accent. Plus, I'm a fan of ankle straps on shoes. However, the 3.75 inch heel simply wasn't high enough for me. (They'd be great party shoes, though.)

I got caught up in the fanciness of the silver and plum "Kacey" ($115.95). The 4 inch heel is definitely high enough, and the girlie girl in my loves the bows. However, I had to remind myself that I don't need another pair of silver party shoes (yet).

Then there was "Dora" ($149.95). With a festive, painted 4.25 inch heel, bow accent at the back and lavender platform, it was a sandal after my own heart. However, I found myself wishing the actual upper of the shoe had been a different color (a light tan, maybe). 

Finally, I decided on "Mya" ($139.95). The 4.5 inch heel was the perfect height, and the tone on tone tan color made them super neutral. They have a slightly pointed toe, which adds a little sass, and a sexy ankle strap. Once I actually tried them on, though, I was more in love with the feel than the look. They're lined in soft suede, and the "MS Signature comfort padding" felt heavenly on the balls of my feet. Granted, I haven't taken them out on the town yet (because it's still not sandal season). After spending about an hour on my feet in them for the purposes of this review, though, I'm confident they're comfy enough for an afternoon of shopping or a night of dancing. I'd say they're definitely worth the $139.95 price tag. Bring on the Spring! (Oh, if they release Dora in another color, I'm on it!)

*PS A friend of mine is a doctor and asked to keep an eye out for shoes she'll be able to wear to work. Dr. Tye, I suggest giving Monticello a try.


  1. I'll definitely check out Monticello shoes. I love the green ones -- although not for work. I'll let you know how it goes.

  2. I love Monticello Shoes! I highly recommend these shoes, and I just got my first pair of the Anna sandals, lavender lovelies perfect for any evening occasion.