Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wear or Beware? Dsquared Bone Heels

Them Bones, Them Bones...

The "back bone's connected to the hip bone", and the "finger bone's connected to the hand bone", but the Dsquared twins seem to have rewritten the song (and some people's fashion sensibilities) with their A/W 2010 shoe collection. Apparently heel is connected to it all. This Spine Heel Sandal (via features a sexy strap around the ankle, a playful peep toe and a subtle stud details.  The Satin Finger Bone Sandal (via, with its blood ruby red jewels and gold heel has an opulent and formal look. These shoes are definitely an indication that embellished heels and sky high platforms will remain a shoe trend for Fall 2010. However, are they a harbinger of something morbid afoot? Yes, they send chills down your spine, but are they the good or bad kind? Would you/ could you wear them? Where do you think would they be appropriate (other than the runway, an Addams Family Gala or a Lady Gaga video)? Would you buy them as collector's pieces? Let's discuss it!

Yours Shoely,



  1. I'd rock them! Because the shoe is so outlandish, the rest of the ensemble needs to be simple, Skinny denim, white tank, asymmetrical shoulder padded blazer (or simple black blazer), minimal accessories and the shoe should take center stage. I wear (and get away with, i think) weird things, so theses shoes suit me. xoxo

  2. I wouldn't wear them because I think they're ugly, but I can appreciate their quirky appeal on someone else!