Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shoes Clues: St. Patrick’s Day Shoe Suggestions


Lucky Shoe

Whether you’re watching a parade, hunting for leprechauns, searching for a four leaf clover or enjoying a St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl, you’ll be involved in some type of shenanigans today.  While others may don green sweaters, little shamrock pins or silly green hats to avoid getting pinched, you’d rather green shoes than green sleeves. Here are a few suggestions for whatever activity you’ve chosen tonight.

Q by Pasquale Sandal

Q by Pasquale sandalPerhaps you’re attending a swank soiree tonight. In that case, this Q by Pasquale sandal, with its delicate murano glass accents, alluring ankle strap and perforated ruffle detail, will be all the green you need to keep Irish (and all other) eyes smiling your way. (More info available at the newly relaunched


Steve Madden Karmena Pumps

Steve Madden Karmena Pumps ShoesNBooze

If you’re partying tonight, a pair of kelly green patent platform pumps will be your best bet. The Karmena by Steve Madden’s 5.5 inch heel puts the foot at quite an incline, but the 1 inch platform adds the comfort you’ll need to dance the night away. (Available at for $99)



ASOS Pave the Way Pumps

ASOS Pave the Way Pumps ShoesNBooze

If you and your crew have decided to keep it simple and guzzle Guiness at your favorite bar all night, you’ll want the extra support of a wedge heel to keep you stable. These green suede Pave the Way pumps by ASOS are casual but chic choice. (Doesn’t the raffia wedge screams Spring?) They have a heel height of almost 5 inches, so make sure you snag a bar stool. Oh, and make sure it’s a classy bar so no one spills their beer or steps on your green suede shoes. (Available at for $98.62)


Poetic License Summer Bloom Pumps

Poetic License Summer Bloom pump ShoesNBooze

Pub crawls call for lower heels than other activities. That doesn’t mean you can’t still be cute. Go for a peep toe like the Summer Bloom by Poetic License. The 3.5 inch heel and .75 inch platform will make staggering from stop to stop more manageable. (Plus, it IS Almost There Thursday, anyway.) The pink flower accent will keep things pretty, too. (Available at for $134)


Keds Champion Ox Sneakers

Keds Champion Ox ShoesNBooze

I don’t usually recommend sneakers here, but there really is no other appropriate footwear for a shamrock search. Besides, everyone needs a classic pair of Keds, and these green Champion Ox skippies are only $19.99 at




Bordello Teeze Glitter Pumps

Bordello Teeze Green ShoesNBooze

Those of you hunting for leprechauns might want to consider something sparkly. That way you if you find one can hypnotize him into taking you to his pot o’ gold. And if you don’t find one, I’m sure you’ll find a guy willing to at least buy you a drink. These Teeze pumps by Bordello are sure to get you lucky no matter what you’re looking for tonight with their 5.75 inch heel and 1.75 inch platform. (Available at for $73)

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