Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sketchual Heeling: Ra Synclaire for Shoes N Booze


Shoes Inspired by Booze

By day, Ra Synclaire designs comfort shoes, but once she’s out of the office, she let’s her inner Shoe-per hero shine via sketches of lust-worthy shoes. After seeing her sketches on her blog, 6 Pairs, 12 Steps (look for my “In Her Shoes” feature there soon), I asked her to send me a few to post here. She then came up with the idea of designing some inspired by her favorite cocktails. My favorites ore the Classic Cosmopolitan and the St. Germaine Cocktail. What are yours?

Ra Synclaire Cosmopolitan ShoesNBooze

Ra Synclaire Sex on the Beach ShoesNBooze

Ra Synclaire St Germaine Cocktail ShoesNBooze

Ra Synclaire Margarita Madness ShoesNBooze

1 comment:

  1. ok, so now I'm inspired to start ordering my drinks to match my shoes, lol!