Monday, September 19, 2011

Booze Book Review: Skinny Cocktails


Hey, Good Bookin’!


Skinny Cocktails Book Cover ShoesNBoozeFor some, the end of summer means an end to calorie counting and rigorous gym routines (chunky sweaters hide extra pounds, right?). However, others don’t let lower numbers on the thermometer mean higher numbers on the scale. Does that mean you have to forego yummy Autumn cocktails and warm sippers? Not if expert bartenders, Jaclyn Wilson Foley & Ray Foley, have anything to say about it. They recently released “Skinny Cocktails,” (via Sourcebooks) a pretty comprehensive pocket guide to diet friendly cocktail recipes with carb and calorie counts for lots of beers, spirits and mixers.

Skinny Cocktails Book Page ShoesNBoozeThere are at least 250 cocktail options in this book, listed in alphabetical order, so it’s not short on choices. My favorite parts of it, though, are the lists of zero-carb liquors and the top 10 low calorie liquors (which are both pretty close to the front, so you can find it easily). I also like that it’s really compact (only a little bigger than my hand), so you can keep it in your purse and refer to it when you’re out. The only thing I’d change: I wish the cocktails were categorized by liquor type instead of being listed alphabetically. Granted, there’s a liquor index in the back, but who remembers to look back there after a Maker’s Mark Manhattan (170 Calories) or two?

If you want to tipple without tipping the scales (remember, colored skinny jeans and skinny cords are a must-wear this Fall,not to mention sleek sweater dresses),  “Skinny Cocktails” is definitely worth the $6.99. I actually carried it with me on a few outings, and it really came in handy. Oh, another caveat- keep your eye out for covetous friends. Mine have tried stealing my complimentary copy on more than one occasion.


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