Monday, May 14, 2012

No Mess Monday: Neil Barrett Grey Hybrid Oxfords

Shades of Grey

Gloomy NY skies got you feeling a bit down? Me too. If you’re not in the New York area, maybe you just have a case of the Mondays. Either way, I figure a few people can use a boost today, and my suggestion is to give your mood (and your “assets”) a boost with a pair of mostly-work-with-a-little-play heels. Oxfords should do the trick, and these leather and suede Hybrid heels by Neil Barrett (available at SSense) are perfect for a day such as this. The 3.7 inch heel is low enough to support you at happy hour but thin enough to still be sexy. The gray reflects your overcast disposition, but the ivory and burgundy accents hint at a bit of playfulness. The cut outs and open toe also bring it into the spring.

There are days when you want a cocktail, and then there are days when you just want a stiff drink… but you want it with a little twist. Guess it’s a good thing Grey Goose recently released their Cherry Noir flavor. Tonight at happy hour sip a little of it on the rocks. Remember that it’s Monday, though, so one glass should do the trick… and notice I didn’t say gulp. I said SIP.

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  1. Those shoes are adorable and I love the grey shade and yum, that drink looks so refreshing even if it is vodka. hehe


  2. I actually like these Neil Barrett's!! I have seen many unsuccessful attempts at heeled Oxfords, but these are the cutest I've seen by far.