Monday, May 7, 2012

Shoe Preview: ZigiNY Black Label Fall 2012


Not long ago, I visited the ZiGiny showroom to see what we can all look forward to next season. After a walk through, I was on a heel high (though I must admit that lots of my absolute favorites won’t make it to production and therefore won’t be pictured here. sigh). Here are a few sparkly pairs from their luxed up ZiGiny Black Label line that put a twinkle in my shoe-loving eye, though. (My camera wasn’t my friend that day, so they were kind enough to send me images to share.)


ZiGiny Black Label Aries


Just when you thought the heel-less shoe trend (a la Lady Gaga) was done, they added jewels and stars to give it new life. This isn’t an everyday bootie, and I’m not sure I’d wear it, but it is definitely an attention grabber. Are visions of “walking amongst the stars” puns dancing through your head too?


ZiGiny Black Label Imagine


A spindly silver heel, combined with stars and fuchsia sequins equals quite the fashion feat. Since they’re my favorite color, I’d add this one to my shoe family (despite the fact that we’ll be seeing less of the super high platform trend  in seasons to come.)


ZiGiny Black Label Surprise


I’m seldom into flats, but this dazzler caught my eye. It’s just ostentatious enough to be chic… almost like a gaudy neutral, if such a thing exists.

ZiGiny Black Label Janis



How can you not love a glitzy smoking slipper? It’s laid back and glammed up all at once!


These styles will be popping up at various retailers (online and brick and mortar) right around August.


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  1. I love the heel less shoe for a performance or video shoot...very unique items...I really like the flats, I could probably bedazzle a pair of my flats and make them similar to the Black Label DIY..

    Great Post!!