Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wear or Beware? Acne Gemini Bootie

The Three Legged Shoe

Peep toes, ankle straps and a unique stiletto heel- sounds like the makings of a really hot shoe, right? Well, those words could also be used to describe the shoe boot above. However, I'll let you decide whether Acne's Gemini 1 Bootie from their S/S 2010 collection is haute couture or a hot mess. Would you pay $899 for them? Would you wear them?  If so, with what?


  1. I would definitely wear them...but definiely NOT worth $899...I like the concept...sort of off kilter...but I'm not sure that many people will quite understand it...LOVE the outsole and ankle strap though!

  2. Hm. I'll pass! That price tag is no bueno, but the concept is "ok".

  3. I'll pass as well. These shoes aren't that attractive, I'm not sure about the functionality of that heel, and then of course that rediculous price tag.