Monday, October 20, 2008

Don't Mess with Me Monday: Be & D Chaimberlain & Seraphin Cocktails

Witty in Pink

You're the one who says anything she wants... and gets away with it because it's always said with a smile. That's how you made your way to the top, right? You've got what's called a scalpel tongue, but can charm a Wall St. big wig out of his golden parachute. Be & D's Chaimberlain (available at oxfords are your true solemates. The delicate BCA month-appropriate pink and thin ankle strap are offset by the no-nonsense cap toe, lace-up front and spectator styling. Add the sex appeal of a high heel, and you're ready to sartorially slay all who get in your way.

Take the frilly femme fatale theme a step further tonight by ordering a "Hot Pink Handgun" (credit: when you go out for drinks. Have the bartender blend Seraphin Cognac, orgeat syrup and a little lemon juice with a few raspberries and a teaspoon of super fine sugar. The recipe also calls for an egg white, but you can try that at your own risk. Egg or not, this sweet drink will have you swooning, but remember cognac can leave you reeling if you overdo it.