Thursday, May 3, 2018

Booze News: Smirnoff's Newest Sparkling Seltzer

Because Bubbles and Berries Belong Together

Picture it: you're at home getting ready for a GDO (girls' day out), and you want something light and bubbly for pre-gaming while primping. What do you reach for? A homemade vodka and soda? Your fave sparkling rosé? How about something that feels and tastes like a little of both? Smirnoff's new Raspberry Rosé Spiked Sparkling Seltzer was created to do just that.

Light, crisp and effervescent, Smirnoff Raspberry Rosé Spiked Sparkling Seltzer has 90 calories, no sugar and a 4.7 ABV. It also contains no artificial flavors. (Oh, hello, summer bawdy!) Fresh berries would make a tasty addition to your glass, or you could use it to add some bubble to your favorite fruity cocktail. How would you drink it? We're over here thinking up tons of ideas.

Oh, we don't need to tell YOU this, but we do need to say it... Please only indulge legally and responsibly.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Booze News: $5 Rosé at Target, Yay!

Hooray for $5 Rosé!

California Roots Rosé for Target
Courtesy Image

Are you ready for rosé season? We are! (Confession: we never really stopped sipping it after summer ended. We don't care if you're judging us.) That's why we were so happy to hear the news that Target (AKA Tar-jay) is adding $5 rosé to its wine lineup this month. Beginning April 8, you'll be able to score California Roots Rosé, which is said to present notes of fresh berry and citrus, at one of 1,200 stores nationwide.

Target began offering California Roots, a cost-effective collection similar to Trader Joe's controversial "Two Buck Chuck," last August, and it quickly became a bestselling brand. While many have concerns about the flavor and origins of "super value" wines, Wine Enthusiast awarded a Best Buy score to California Roots' red blend, chardonnay and pinot grigio. Target also sells the brand's moscato and cabernet sauvignon.

Yes Way Rosé for Target
Courtesy Image

We were already excited when Yes Way Rosé hit Target shelves recently. Now we can shop buy rosé to drink at home AND a few bottles to mix in sangria, make frosé or bring to friends' barbecues. We haven't tasted the California Roots Rosé yet, but we'll be sharing our thoughts when we do. Stay tuned to our Instagram... our opinions are sure to make it there first. Oh, and do let us know when you try it.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Shoes Clues: Vday Hearts and Soles we Love

Step in the Name of Love

Is it just us, or does it feel like this winter has been particularly cold–not just in temperature, but also in spirit? Between the current political climate and the amount of vitriol easily accessible on social media and beyond, it feels like we all need a huge hug, right? (We can actually hear Dionne Warwick in our heads right now singing "What the World Needs Now is Love.") It's a good thing Valentine's Day is on it's way with all types of love vibes. While it was once a day embraced by couples and dreaded by singles, V-day has become much more than an excuse for chocolates and cheesy gestures lately (hello, galentines and self love sessions). With that in mind, we've created a guide to shoes for those who would rather wear their hearts on their feet than their sleeves. Some of them even cost less than $100! Whether your February 14th will be a sultry V-day, a supportive we-day or a sweet me-day, we've got you covered.

White pumps with hearts by Charlotte Olympia

You know we're loving the new white-shoes-whenever rule in fashion. So how could we not be smitten with these Bethany pumps by Charlotte Olympia with their red heart-accented toes? With a simple half-D'orsay silhouette and slender stiletto heels, these shoes more versatile than you think. Try them with a simple, but slinky black midi dress or add edge with jeans, a tee and a biker jacket. Available for $690 HERE.

Raise your hand if you loved those Saint Laurent pumps with heels sculpted into brand's iconic logo. Aldo's Cupidd pump gives us a similar vibe, but doesn't give us the same level of financial angst. Heading out for a wild girl's night? This fierce red shoe is for you... Seriously, you're literally walking on hearts in this pump. Imagine the witty banter this heel will inspire. Available for $100 at Aldo.

Pink heart pumps from Zara

Meeting your crew for an insta-worthy night of dinner and drinks (#sqadgoals)? The these fuschia pumps from ZARA will garner plenty of likes with their pop-up hearts. (We see cute shoe and drink pairing pictures in your near future.) They'll look lovely with a flowy dress and add a sweet kick to a pair of camouflage jeans. Available for $79.90 at ZARA.

Image of Kate Spade Olidah heart Sandal

If your plans include a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant with "bae", you may want a shoe that's a little more subdued (but still has a whimsical touch). Enter, Kate Spade's Olidah sandal. Its classic ankle-strap silhouette in supple black suede give it a demure feel. The shimmering heart at the back of the ankle say you have a playful (maybe even a bit mischievous) side. Available for $228 at Kate Spade.

Image of Katy Perry Collections XO heel slides

Lucky enough to live in warmer climes (or bold enough to rock the socks and sandals trend)? Katy Perry Collections' Hug-and-kiss-themed "The Rosemarie" sandals are for you. The blush (or millennial pink if you're into that thing) tone is full-on feminine, and the red X and O sculpted heels add a fun edge. Available for $149 at here.

Image of Dr. Martens Bentley II Heart Boot in White and Red

We know not every girl loves heels. However, we don't know how any girl could not love this Bentley II boot from Dr. Martens. A tough take on the white boot trend, with spectator styling, Dr. Martens' iconic yellow topstitching and a sweet heart on top, these are the perfect shoes for barhopping. Wanna glam them up some? Wear them with a slip dress or something frilly. Available at

Perhaps you're in a playful mood. Well, this Comme des Garcons Play X Converse low-top All Star is for you. Perfect for a picnic in the park, or simply showing your inner child some love, these sweet sneakers are part of Jcrew's special Valentine's Day shop. Get them here for $125.

Image of Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Melissa Pink Pool Slides
Love Rules

Love reigns supreme, right? If you agree, you'll surely get a kick out of these pool slides from Vivienne Westwood Anglomania and Melissa. The heart, the crown, the fact that they actually say "Prince Charming" on the insole (though we know he's not a must, right?)... they're, well, charming. Available at for $120.

Remember, we love you with all our hearts (and soles)!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Booze News: Moet & Amazon Bow Bottles and Bubbles

Meet your New Bottle Girl

Courtesy Image 

The holidays have basically arrived, and many of us are planning on hosting or attending a holiday party or two. Either way, that tends to mean we'll be buying a few bottles of bubbly. Moët Hennessy and Amazon have teamed up to make selecting (and learning cool facts about) Champagne easier than ever. If you have Alexa, you basically just have to ask her for pairing suggestions, correct pronunciations (of only Moët Hennessy products) and other tips. You can even request a special Champagne-centric playlist. The Alexa skill is actually free, but the bottles of bubbly—not so much. Still... oh, what fun it is to learn, right?

Moët Chandon's Bottles and Bubbles on Alexa

So, are you ready to learn why ice rosè is different from other types? It's time to claim your rightful place as the queen of Champagne (at least in your social circle). Oh, and don't forget to check out our Champagne primer featuring our bubbliest friend, Blaine Ashley, founder of NY Champagne Week and Bull de Reve Champagne. 


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