Monday, February 9, 2009

Don't Mess with Me Monday: Giuseppe Zanotti Oxfords & Black Mirror Sambuca Cocktails

Mirror, Mirror

You're feeling a little grumpy today, huh? Well, lots of other people are, too. While a prince's kiss would bring a smile, true joy for you comes in the form of an enchanting pair of heels. These bewitching I86145 oxford pumps by Giuseppe Zanotti (available at are sure to cast a happy spell on your day. They'll mesmerize anyone who looks at your feet, too, but they'll also send the message that you'll turn them into a frog and squash them if necessary. The pointed toe, lace grommets and 4 inch metal stiletto heel indicate your dominant nature. The metallic, slightly iridescent pewter color says you have a playful side, and the tongueless front somehow communicates just a bit of intelligent vulnerability. All in all, though, these shoes say you have wicked style. (They'll look great with a simple, semi-short dress and opaque tights. Get creative, but let these shoes be the center piece of your outfit.)

When you wear these shoes, you should also be the centerpiece of the room (because that's how you do things). That means all eyes will be on you, so you should be drinking something better than a typical girlie drink (your shoes look way too tough for that anyway). A "Black Mirror" will reflect your edgy side, but- like you- it's also surprisingly sweet. From the minds of the folks at the Darkside Bar blog, it blends Opal Nera Sambuca, Van Gogh Apple Vodka and Mint Liqueur with a little mixed berry juice and a dash of lemon juice. It'll have a licorice flavor, but the mint, apple and lemon will make it more pleasant. Enjoy it responsibly, though because after too many, you'll be more wicked witch than punky princess.

Yours Shoely!