Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wild Wednesday: Betsey Johnson Sandals & Sagatiba Cachaca

You've Been Spotted!

Have the past two days made you want to roar? When you step out tonight, there's no better way to free your inner predator than a pair of leopard print sandals. Betsey Johnson's Mackenzie d'Orsay stiletto pumps (available at Nordstrom) say there's no taming you. While the bold print puts your wild side on display, the metallic pink ruffle detail means you're equal parts girl and grrrrrr. Worn with a black wrap dress, ankle pants or another simple-but-sexy outfit of your choosing, this fierce pair of footwear will have suitors falling at your feet.

When the drink offers start pouring in, tell them you want an "Aman Snow Leopard". Conceived by star mixologist, John Gakuru, it combines Sagatiba Cachaca with amaretto. It's topped off with heavy cream and a little rose water to subdue some of the sweetness and garnished with a drizzle of espresso to add some kick. One of these will soothe the savage beast within, but don't have too many, though. It's easy go to from sex kitten to she-creature once all the inhibitions are gone, and nobody wants that.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cutesy Tuesday: Giuseppe Zanotti Croc Pumps & Chopin Chocolate Cocktail

The Brown of Music

Strand of pearls? Check! Nails painted a polite, neutral shade? Check! No one can tell you that you're not a lady. When you hit the bar tonight, you'll no doubt have on a pretty prim pair of pumps. Not sure which ones to wear? These bejeweled peep toed pretties from Giuseppe Zanotti (available at Neiman Marcus) scream refined femininity. Luxe crocodile-embossed leather will cradle your foot in buttery softness, and a cluster of jewels accenting the toe adds a little extra allure. They don't scream for attention, but ladies know it's better to be noticed than to attract stares, right?

Just be sure that while you sit atop your barstool with your ankles properly crossed (right over left, of course), you sip on something that's as sweet and sedate as you are. A cultured lady always goes for something classical, so opt for a "Mozart". Made simply by combining vodka (I suggest Chopin if you want to keep the theme going) with chocolate liqueur (Godiva, no doubt). I'm sure you'll remember to sip slowly so as not to overdo it. A heavy buzz is never becoming.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fun Friday: Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti Stilettos & Zen Cocktails

Green Chi

Though you may be excited that the weekend's arrived, there's something very calming about leaving the office on a Friday evening. It's as if you can feel the tension leave your shoulders as you shut down your computer, and the oxygen seems to flow more freely through your lungs once you step into two days of freedom. Now that you've re-centered, do a little foot feng shui. Paint the town red in a pair of green shoes. Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti's patent strappy stiletto sandals (available at are an eye catching way to say you've found your chi. If the symmetrical pattern of multiple straps with enamel buckles doesn't express your inner equilibrium, walking steadily on the 5 inch stiletto heel will prove you've got a strong sense of balance. They'll look great with fitted denim bermuda shorts or a sexy shirtdress.

Keep the good vibes flowing, and order a Zen Buddha at your bar of choice (get extra karma points for tipping generously). One of Zen Liqueur's signature cocktails, it's a combination of SKYY Citrus Vodka, orange juice, Blue Curacao and Zen Green Tea Liqueur. The first sip of this stuff is sweet salvation, and by the end of your drink you'll be one with all that is good in the world. Don't overdo it, though because too much off a good thing can easily turn into bad news when you're dealing with liquor.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cutesy Tuesday: Georgina Goodman Fortuna & Stolichnaya Vodka

In Mint Condition

After yesterday's storms in NY, today's sunny glow is as refreshing as a one of those new "Thin Mint" Blizzards from Dairy Queen. In the spirit of all things invigorating, embrace your effervescence today, and slip on your most enticing heels. This minty green "Fortuna" sandal by Georgina Goodman (available at makes the perfect indulgence. Supple kangaroo leather, wrap-around ankle tie straps, gold accents and a 4 inch mirrored split heel provide a delicate appeal with just a little edge.

Though these shoes are entirely intoxicating on their own, you H-A-V-E to take them out for a twirl and a drink. A mojito or mint julep will easily echo the charm of these heels, but aren't you tired of those already? Try something new, and spring for a Mint Summer Nightini. This one came courtesy of the folks at CocktailTimes and blends (and I quote) Stoli Blackberri, cucumber juice, simple syrup and muddled mint leaves. It's sweet, but crisp and is the ideal drink for an evening such as this.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Almost There Thursday: Sam Edelman Slingbacks and Goldschlager

Gilty as Charged!

The week's almost over, what shall you wear? A shoe with a heel that's barely there, of course. Sam Edelman's "Nova" (available at proves your shoes can be at a low altitude but still high on style. While many think a shoe such as this is better saved for evening soirées, we at S&B say you can easily wear them during the day, especially with ankle-length jeans or pants. The peep toe and slingback make them fine for work (in less conservative environments), but the crackled gold finish and 2.75 inch heel say they're also perfect for play.

Whether you're wearing these sandals to happy hour or the hottest nightspot, you have to order a drink with the "Midas touch". Start with a shot of Goldschlager at your favorite dive bar (don't want everyone to see you drink like a coed), if you dare. If you've never had it, it tastes like Red Hots on acid. Then, at the bar du jour, request a Goldfinger. A combination of Goldschlager, Grand Marnier and ginger ale, it's a sweet, spicy way to kick your summer fun into high gear.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Fun Friday: Stella McCartney Sandals and Chopin Vodka

Florally Fixated...

It's the last day of the week, and you're feeling quite festive. Treat your feet to a shoe bouquet, like this pair of anklewrap platforms from Stella McCartney (available at Intermix). Floral-printed canvas on a 5 inch pale wood heel says you're a free spirit, but you've got a discriminating eye for style. Great with this summer's maxi dresses, they add a breezy flair to whatever you wear.

In case you didn't know, Stella McCartney designs with the environment in mind. When you wear her shoes, it only makes sense to choose a drink that's equally Earth-friendly. Try the "Heavenly Hibiscus." From the eco-focused folks at American Feast, this drink blends Chopin Vodka (made from naturally grown potatoes), hibiscus syrup, Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, lime juice and hibiscus syrup (made from hibiscus tea). While the syrup adds the purple tint and a floral flavor, it may be hard to find, so if your bartender doesn't have it you can do without.