Friday, December 26, 2014

Shoes Clues: 5 Sparklers to Wear for New Year's Eve

Happy Shoe Year!!!

Now that the gifts have been unwrapped and Christmas dinner has been enjoyed, it's time to think seriously about what to wear on New Year's Eve. It's one of those nights where you can take fashion risks you normally wouldn't and pile on the shine. After all, it's only right to go for "over the top" while you watch the ball drop. If you're wondering what to put on your feet, here are a few shoe suggestions to get you going.

Iridescent, jeweled and sparkly shoes for NYE

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Gift Guide: Miscellany for Lushes and Lovers of Shoes

All They Want For Christmas

If your friends and family are anything like me, they love gifts with a bit of kitsch. This is kinda-sorta my wishlist to Santa, but it's also a guide to some great gifts for the imbibers and footwear-philes in your life.

Drink-friendly Stocking Stuffers

Bourbon Toothpicks, bar10der tool, copper flask, Shoe corkscrew, shoe bottle opener, wine wipes
  1. For the one who always seems to have #spinachteeth- Daneson Bourbon Toothpicks (available at
  2. For the one who actually makes cocktails at home instead of just mixing juice and liquor- the Bar10der home bar tool includes a jigger (1 oz & .5 oz), reamer, muddler, stirrer, strainer, knife, corkscrew, zester, bottle opener. (available at Restoration Hardware)
  3. For the hipster who's almost too into the concept of BYOB- Conductor Flask by W & P Design. (Available at Creeds Collective Pop-up Shop in NYC #CCPop)
  4. For the shoe lover who enjoys a good brew- It's a Shoe Thing! Bottle Opener by Kate Aspen (available at
  5. For the Cougartown fan- Shoe print corkscrew (available at
  6. For the chronic spiller- Wine Wipes individually wrapped stain removers (available at

Globetrotter/ Girl-on-the-Go Gifts

Sparkly gold clutch, shoe and cocktail luggage tags, shoe tee shirt, wine tote, shoe travel bags

  1. For the one who frequents hotel bars- "Make Mine a Double" wallet (available at The Icing
  2. For the one who still checks luggage- Shoe Luggage Tag and Cocktail Luggage Tag (both available at Target
  3. For the perpetual errand runner- Yes Way Rose Tote bag (available at
  4. For the passport stamp collector who can pack a week's worth of clothes and shoes into a carry-on bag- Packing List Tee by 3rd Culture (available at
  5. For the busy bee who keeps extra shoes in her purse- 5-Pack of Shoe Organizing Bags by Bag-all (available at dust bags 

The Boozy Book Club

Skinnygirl cocktails, hickory daiquiri dock, tequila mockingbird, candy cocktails, alchemy in a glass
  1. For the one who's counting calories— but still likes to par-tay: Skinnygirl Cocktails: 100 Fun & Flirty Guilt-Free Recipes by Bethenny Frankel (Simon and Schuster/ available at
  2. For the one who speaks like Dickens— and drinks like Hemingway: Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist by Tim Federle (available at Running Press Book Publishers and
  3. For the one who's into sweets — and just as into drinks: Candy Cocktails: Fun and Flirthy Drinks with a Sugar-Kissed Twist by Flannery Good and Katherine Good (available at Running Press Book Publishers and
  4. For the one slinging sippy cups— while sneaking in a cocktail here and there: Hickory Daiquiry Dock: Cocktails with a Nursery Rhyme Twist by Tim Federle (available at Running Press Book Publishers and
  5. For the one who's dubbed herself a mixologist— and has the home bar kit to prove it: Alchemy in a Glass: The Essential Guide to Handcrafted Cocktails by Greg Seider (Rizzoli/ available at


Killer Heels, Shoes an Illustrated History, Shoetopia, For the Love of Shoes, The Shoe Book

  1. For the visionary thinker- Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe by Lisa Small, Sefano Tonch, Caroline Weber (Prestel USA/ available at
  2. For the walking encyclopedia in your crew- Shoes: An Illustrated History by Rebecca Shawcross (Bloomsbury Visual Arts/ available at
  3. For the friend whose shoes speak louder than her words- Shoetopia: Contemporary Footwear by Sue Huey (Laurence King Publishing/ available at
  4. For the Daphne Guiness stan- For the Love of Shoes by Patrice Farameh (teNeues/ available at
  5. For the purist- The Shoe Book by Nancy MacDonnell (Assouline/ available at

... And The Rest

Cheeky Tea cup, stir and shake calendar, Disaronno wears Versace bottle, Bourbon Pop candle, Rhum Clement Jonone bottle

  1. For the one who likes to to sip (or spill) tea (that just might be spiked)- Cheeky Teacup (available at Urban Outfitters
  2. For the one who needs to keep dates straight- Stir & Shake Mixology Calendar (available at
  3. For the label whore- Disaronno Wears Versace Limited Edition Bottle 
  4. For the who put the sniff in snifter- Jonathan Adler Bourbon Pop Candle (available at Jonathan Adler
  5. For the lover of street art- Rhum Clement 125th Limited Edition bottle designed by Jonone 

*The Fine Print: Courtesy photos. Shoes N Booze has received complimentary samples of some of the items mentioned here. Shoes N Booze is an affiliate and receives commission when linked products are purchased.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Shoe Score! The Sophia Webster Sample Sale in NY

A Tale of a Shoe Sale

Is this not the cutest sample sale illustration, EVER?
The good news about this weekend's Sophia Webster sample sale in New York? I missed lining up in the rain, thanks to a brunch meeting. The bad news? I also missed most of the shoes I really wanted... as in I actually got there just in time to see 2 (TWO!) women walk up to the register with pairs of shoes I've been coveting for months. Adding insult to injury, each woman walked around the sample sale floor for at least 10 minutes in the shoes before purchasing. I guess neither the "Kimmi" mule, nor the "Izzy" pump were meant to be mine that day.

Sophia Webster Izzy Pump
Sophia Webster Pink Kimmi Mule

Alas, There were still a few pairs left that tickled my fancy (because that's what Sophia Webster shoes are designed to do, right? They cause an indescribabe feeling in the fanciest part of one's fashion sense). I tried on the "Finn" lace-up sandal, and as much as I love hearts, I felt the style was too limiting in terms of wardrobe options. Then there was the adorable  "Lula" sandal. I'm a sucker for ankle straps, but this style also seemed to present too many limits.

Sophia Webster Lula Sandal

Sophia Webster Finn Sandal

Apparently, I was meant to add a pair of "killer" heels to my shoe family that day.

Sophia Webster Nicky Sandal

It's been said (all over instagram) that shoes speak louder than words. To me, these "Nicky" sandals said "I'm happy, but I'll cut ya if I have to." I like that message, I love the way the ankle strap looked on my legs and I appreciated that the neon yellow can be worn almost as a neutral. Score! (Plus, they're comfortable, so they won't be killers to my feet. Yay!) Oh... and they were $150. WIN!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Shoe Review: Gdefy Scossa Sneakers

On the Run

Ask anyone who knows me in real life, and they'll tell you I don't like running. I believe shopping should suffice as cardio. However, my reality (aka thighs and waistline) doesn't match my beliefs. That said, this summer my daily power walk became a jog. I didn't jog every day, though, because there was slight knee and lower back pain involved. When the folks at Gdefy contacted me a couple months ago with a request for a review of their Scossa sneakers, it was as if the exercise gods were saying "don't stop. Get it. Get it!" These sneakers claimed to offer extra support and shock absorption, along with enhanced motion control. Worth a try, right? And so, with my Gravity Defyers on my feet, I didn't stop, and I got "it"... as in a slimmer waistline and a little muscle tone in my thighs. The sneakers? Well here are my thoughts:

The Look: 

Since I'm not a serious runner, I tend to prefer sneakers that look more casual than athletic. When I received my complimentary pair of Gdefy Scossa cross trainers, I wasn't completely disappointed, but I was also a little hesitant. They looked like real running shoes, and they had an extra piece at the bottom of the heel. I convinced myself the look was futuristic at best. However, I managed to get a few compliments. So... scale of 1-5, I give these a 3.5.

The Feel

Initially, these sneakers felt a bit odd. They were a little heavy, and my feet were not-quite-comfortable in them. The information packet pre-warned me about this, though, advising users to allow a "work you in period" before writing the shoes off as uncomfortable. Apparently, GDefy's technology causes the use of newly activated muscles in the feet and legs, which may lead to soreness. They also come with a removable insole that features moderate arch support (which is hard to find in most shoes these days). After a day or two my feet adjusted, and my sneakers felt like a godsend. Previously, I'd wanted to stop jogging after one block, but now I could go much further. It was as if I couldn't feel the heel strikes when I ran (thanks to the VersoShock Reverse Trampoline Sole), so the fact that they're a little heavier than some other sneakers ceased to matter. On a scale of 1-5, these get a 4.5. A half point is deducted because my heel tended to slip a bit during runs and walks, unless I tied them extremely tight.

The Verdict

This isn't necessarily a shoe I'd wear for fashion's sake, but it is my go-to shoe for walks and jogs. I checked out the website, and they do have a lineup of more casual shoes and sandals. They're not exactly my style, but they look like they'll be great for those who spend a lot of time on their feet or those who have foot problems. (Teachers, nurses, flight attendants, stylish women with diabetes, I'm talking to you! You really should look into these.)  They're worth the $160 so far. However, I haven't had them long enough to grade them on durability. In total, the shoes get a 4 out of 5. They are definitely #shoesnboozeapproved.