Thursday, August 24, 2017

Perfect Pairing: Jeffrey Campbell Mules + Ciroc French Vanilla Cocktails

Shine On!

Between the recent solar eclipse and the astrological shift from Leo to Virgo, just about everyone is feeling the need to get their shine on. We're totally here for it... glow all the way up, no matter your astrological sign. And if you're headed out tonight (or in the near future), your mission—should you choose to accept it—is to step fiercely and sip sparkly.


Courtesy Photo

We've still got our focus on the fiery sun, so we love this Peggy Bundy-meets-Barbie-meets-2017 Minuit Mule by Jeffrey Campbell  (available HERE) in all its orange glory. The slide silhouette, translucent toe strap and metallic footbed lend a 70s disco princess feel. Meanwhile a sculpted lucite column heel brings this sandal into the now. These shoes were made to stand out, just like you.


Courtesy Photo

CÎROC recently launched its French Vanilla ultra-premium vodka and is celebrating it with the creation of a new cocktail— the CÎROC-STAR MARTINI a riff on the "Porn Star" cocktail (those slides up there kinda give those vibes, too, but in a good way. Don't they?). It's a tangy, vibrant drink, with a little passionfruit, the smooth essence of vanilla and an effervescent shot of champagne to add a sparkling finish. Want to make it at home? Here's the recipe:

35ml CÎROC French Vanilla
15ml Passionfruit Syrup
10ml Rhubarb Aperitif
25ml White Peach Puree
5ml Lemon Juice
50ml Champagne (on the side)
Martini glass/ straight up / shake and fine strain
Garnished with half a passionfruit floated in the drink.
Add all ingredients except for the champagne to a Boston tin with ice, shake and fine strain into a large martini glass. Serve champagne in a separate shot glass.

As always, we must insist that you indulge responsibly and legally. Also, we'd love to know your thoughts on these shoes and this drink. If you have shoes you'd like paired with a cocktail, we're at your service!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Quick Sips: 3 Cocktails for National Rum Day

On the Rum

Happy National Rum Day! While it's easy enough to toast with a typical rum & coke at happy hour today, why not do something a little different? Today IS a celebration of one of the world's favorite cane spirits, after all. We have a few suggestions below, but before you start sipping, check out a few fun rum facts we previously posted. Now, the drinks:

Morgan Mule Gelatin Shots

Captain Morgan Gelatin Mule Shots

8.5 oz. ginger ale
1.5 oz. fresh lime juice
2 envelops of lime gelatin (approx. 5.5 teaspoons) - If you don't eat pork, there are gelatins out there without it. You just may have to search a bit.

Naked on the Beach

Naked Turtle Rum Naked on the Beach Cocktail

3 oz. Cranberry Juice
3 oz Freshly Squeeze Orange Juice
1 Peach muddled
Fresh Cherries for Garnish

Saville Premium Rumtini

Saville Premium Rumtini Ready-to-Drink Rum cocktail

It's a pre-mixed cocktail made with premium rum and tropical fruits. Just add ice and with fresh fruit.

We hope you enjoy National Rum Day. We insist that you do so legally and responsibly. XO

*Captain Morgan Rum is a product sponsor and occasionally sends Shoes N Booze complimentary bottles.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Booze Review: Viva XXXII Reposado Tequila

Sunshine in a Bottle

Fun fact: tequila is one of the fastest-growing spirit categories in the United States. Here at SNB, we can't get enough of the stuff—especially reposado served neat on a warm day. Consequently, we were excited when woman-owned tequila brand, VIVA XXXII sent us a bottle of their newly released liquid for review.

VIVA XXXIII was founded by Yvonne Niami to bring a luxury sipping tequila to the marketplace at an attainable price. With that goal in mind, the bottle design was kept simple and features a triangle pattern that references the founder's Mexican heritage in a modern way. There's also a philanthropic angle. 10% of net proceeds are donated to animal abuse prevention causes including the ASPCA and SPCALA.

Now for our thoughts on the actual tequila (the reposado is estate grown and rested for 6 months in new American Oak barrels and retails for $45):
VIVA 32 Tequila
VIVA XXXII Reposado Tequia - Photo Credit- Chris T. Ramos 

On the Nose:

Bright, sightly spicy, clean, notes of oak. Generally pleasant.

On the Tongue:

Incredibly smooth with a nice amount of spice but virtually no burn. The flavor coats the tongue for a long-lasting finish and full flavor experience. We noticed herbaceous, or slightly grassy notes, in addition to those of oak and maybe even a little caramel.  It's a bit brighter than some other reposado tequilas we've tried.

Overall Thoughts:

We thoroughly enjoyed this tequila solo, and for a fun twist we tried it with chili-coated mango chunks (delish!). It's a great value for the price and a good entry for tequila novices. The bottle makes a great piece to upcycle after the liquid is gone, too. So we like it as a hostess gift for dinner parties. Oh, and it's heavenly in bloody Marias.

Have you tried this brand before? If not, are there other questions we can answer for you about the flavor? We can talk about this stuff all day! Also, stay tuned for "Perfect Pairings" featuring VIVA XXXII cocktails soon. If you have shoes you'd like paired with a cocktail, let us know!

*Special thank you to our photo sponsor, Chris T. Ramos Photography!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Perfect Pairing: Katy Perry Sandals + Smirnoff Sourced Watermelon

Drinkin' Watermelon

Today's National Watermelon Day, and we're celebrating with shoes and a cocktail inspired by summer's favorite fruit. If you're trying to do the same but you're not sure where to start, we've got you covered.

On Your Feet

Katy Perry Carmen Fruit Sandal
The simplest thing would be to just wear a pair of red or red-pink shoes. However, if you want to go full-out, we suggest shoes that actually feature watermelons. This Carmen lace-up sandal from Katy Perry Collection is a good start. Depending on where you work, it might not be a good fit for the office (unless you get it in black). However it's definitely happy hour-approved. The tiny fruit accents (especially the watermelons) are adorable, and the stiletto heel, coupled with the trend-right ankle laces make them a sassy, sexy conversation piece wherever you go. (Also, you can likely get them for less than $100 via Amazon.)

Topshop Happy Fruity Watermelon Sandals

If flats are more on your level, these Happy Fruity Slides by Topshop will work, especially if you're sipping al fresco. Available at Nordstrom.

Camilla Elphick Watermelon Sandal

And if you're living la vida luxury, this sandal from Camilla Elphick will do the trick. Does anyone else envision themselves twirling the night away on the dancefloor in these? They're currently on sale at Luisa via Roma.

In Your Glass

Smirnoff Sourced Watermelon Cocktail

Smirnoff Sourced released a watermelon flavor just in time for today. The above-pictured Tropical Melon Bliss is sweet, refreshing and fairly easy to make at home:

1.5 oz SMIRNOFF SOURCED Watermelon
1 oz coconut water
1 oz pomegranate juice
.5 oz lemon juice
.75 oz simple syrup

Combine ingredients in a glass over ice. Garnish with a watermelon wedge.

If your favorite bar doesn't have SMIRNOFF SOURCED Watermelon, you may be able to request a mixture of Smirnoff Vodka mixed with watermelon juice and the other ingredients. We're sure it'll also be pretty refreshing.

Will you be drinkin' watermelon today? Whatever you drink, please do it legally and responsibly.

*Shoes N Booze is an Amazon affiliate and receives commission from the purchase of linked products. Smirnoff is a product partner of Shoes N Booze and occasionally sends complimentary products for review.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

5 Faves: the Melissa + Jeremy Scott Shoe Sale

All Fun, Half Price

We were all "ooohs and ahhhs" when Jeremy Scott sent neon colored Melissa shoes down the runway with a his Moschino collection. Classic silhouettes with styling and accents inspired by inflatable pool and bath toys, they were playfully sophisticated. They were also high on our wishlist (so we were ridiculously excited when we were gifted the mule one season and the ankle boot the following season. If you haven't already scored a pair or two, here's your chance. They're 50% off (and all less than $125)! Here are our five favorites from the sale:

For a Night Out:

Melissa + Jeremy Scott inflatable Mule Sandal
Melissa + Jeremy Scott Inflatable Mule - Now $90

To Wear Home After Said Night Out (They'll Still Match Your Lewk):

Melissa + Jeremy Scott Ultragirl Inflatable Flats
Melissa + Jeremy Scott Ultragirl - Now $55

For Summer Travels (Easy Off and On in the TSA Line):

Melissa + Jeremy Scott Tube Sandal
Melissa + Jeremy Scott Tube Sandal - Now $55

The Office (or a Day of Errands):

Melissa x Jeremy Scott Space Love Flats
Melissa + Jeremy Scott Space Love - Now $60

Rainy Days (Oh, Hey, White Shoe Trend!):

Melissa x Jeremy Scott Ankle Boot
Melissa + Jeremy Scott Ankle Boot - Now $105

Which pair is your favorite?