Thursday, July 29, 2010

Free Shoes for YOU! Diba Back Down Wedge Giveaway

Love at First Flight

Here's a challenge: Let's say the guy you're dating just surprised you with a week-long trip to meet his parents. You're both against checked bag fees, though, so you have to carry on your luggage. He's mentioned quite a few times that his mother is quite the style stickler, and you really want to impress her. Also, he bought you a pair of Diba Back Down Wedge Sandals and would like you to travel in them because he thinks they're sexy, and he's sure they'll earn you style points with his mom. Oh, and you just realized that you need a new set of carry on luggage after a gate check gone bad. What would you wear with the shoes? What would your new carry on luggage look like? Go to, and pick a set. Put the link in your comment. On Monday, I'll post pictures of the luggage you linked to, and take a poll on which set is the hautest. The winner will receive a pair of Diba Back Down Wedge Sandals in silver. Happy styling! *Oh... no immediate family members of the S&B team are eligible to win

(The process of choosing will be easier if you narrow it down to luggage sets or carry-on luggage... just a hint.)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wear or Beware? Dsquared Bone Heels

Them Bones, Them Bones...

The "back bone's connected to the hip bone", and the "finger bone's connected to the hand bone", but the Dsquared twins seem to have rewritten the song (and some people's fashion sensibilities) with their A/W 2010 shoe collection. Apparently heel is connected to it all. This Spine Heel Sandal (via features a sexy strap around the ankle, a playful peep toe and a subtle stud details.  The Satin Finger Bone Sandal (via, with its blood ruby red jewels and gold heel has an opulent and formal look. These shoes are definitely an indication that embellished heels and sky high platforms will remain a shoe trend for Fall 2010. However, are they a harbinger of something morbid afoot? Yes, they send chills down your spine, but are they the good or bad kind? Would you/ could you wear them? Where do you think would they be appropriate (other than the runway, an Addams Family Gala or a Lady Gaga video)? Would you buy them as collector's pieces? Let's discuss it!

Yours Shoely,


Friday, July 16, 2010

If These Shoes Could Talk: Black Elastic Sandals by Delicious

One Enchanted Evening...

Black elastic shoes by Delicious. A recent night in the New York area. 

Right Shoe: Hey… Lefty, looks like we’re going out!

Left Shoe: Oh great… hmmm black spandex mini and loose, multicolored tank top… we must be going somewhere cool.

RS: I heard her say something about meeting her friend at someplace called Bunny Chow. Wherever it is, it’s got to be better than hanging around this room with all the other shoes.

LS: Dammit, she’s running late again. Hey! Lady! Ease up… you’re going to wear out my lifts! Whew! It’s hot out here!

RS: Quit complaining!

About an hour later…

RS: See, we’re here! Oooh is that South African music? I wanna dance!

LS: She does know we weren’t made for those high kicks and stuff, right? Wait… I think I just heard her order a drink… a bartender’s special… and Peri Peri wings. And another drink? SMH.

RS: Hush! I think this is going to be a fun night!

LS: She’d better go easy. I don’t stagger.

RS: Neither does she! 

Two hours and five drinks later…

RS: See… we’re leaving, and she’s neither slurring her speech nor staggering. We’ll be home in no time. Although, I wish she’d find something else fun to do. I just KNEW she’d brought her magic out tonight. Guess not.

LS: Wait, why is she getting off at this stop? That means more walking between one train and the other. I’m tired. I’m about to pinch her pinky toe.

RS: Don’t you dare! It feels awesome out here. Besides, what if she stumbles upon something fun or interesting to do??? Wait, did that tall guy just ask her about her hair? I guess that’s not the worst starting line I’ve heard…

LS: Yeah, yeah. I guess that’s better than “Yo, ma, damn you’re sexy! Can I walk with you?” I’m not sold, though. Well… he does sound pretty intelligent. A second B.A.? OK, he’s starting to earn a few points in my book. Chicago native? Her stepmom’s family is from there (awww… step in the name of love). A fellow HBCU alum… I dig that, too. Hmm… maybe it’s not so bad that she took the long way home, after all.

RS: Gasp!!! Did he just say he’ll be 25 in a few days. Dayum! Rock-a-bye, baby! Wait, did she just offer to walk him somewhere a block away? Lefty, I know I’m normally the optimistic one, but when did we start date-shopping at Toys R Us?

LS: Ummm… did you NOT hear him say he’d like to take her to a botanical garden or art gallery on a first date (if she’ll agree to a first date)??? That’s so much better than Mr. “I’d rather the woman choose the location so I don’t screw up” she’s supposed to see this weekend. I’m willing to dump my grump for a bit to see what this one’s deal is.

RS: Their convo is going quite well… OK… he offered her a drink. Wait… this spot’s about to close and neither of them is ready for the night to end. I almost forgot he’s a baby. Hold the phone… he just said his mom never had the man she deserves, and he wants to be that man for whichever woman he ends up with. Swoon. Faint. Bat lashes.

LS: More walking? OK, he might be wearing out his welcome. That guard just said this other place is closed. Maybe we can go home now. Oh no… they decided to wander until they come across something interesting. This could be a long night. Righty, are you sure we’re up for this?

RS: YES! Oooooh they’re going into a hookah lounge! Peppermint tobacco? Intersting. He’s got a good sense of humor. She’s smiling.  Did I just hear a giggle? No… I won’t gag. I won’t!

A hookah and a drink later

LS: Wait… they’re going somewhere ELSE??? This is the longest night we’ve seen in a while. Have these people ever heard of a taxi? I get the whole “walking arm in arm, looking in shop windows, admiring the Union Square area” thing, but sheesh!

RS: Knock it off. I’m loving this! She’s got her mojo working. I feel the tingles radiating from her toes. They’re talking about everything! Seems this kid can hold his own in a grown folks conversation. Uh oh… the place he just tried to take her just closed. Guess she’ll have to try that ginger thingie he mentioned another time… (Maybe that’ll be their second date).

LS: Damnit! That means more walking. Did she just say Coffee Shop? From HOUSTON? That’s it… I’m about to let the padding under the ball of her foot slack a little or something.
RS: You’d better not! Listen… He’s telling her his dreams… They’re almost the same as hers. Oooh, and he knows a little New York trivia. She’s impressed.

At Coffee Shop. Finally.

RS: He just said he doesn’t eat pork. Yay! She just might kiss him one day. Lol, she’s telling him how her grandmother used to tell her not to date guys who eat pork because when she kisses them, she might as well be eating a pork chop or piece of ham. Wait, Lefty, did he really just say he wants to start a foundation to help kids? That’s it… “Come live with me and be my love…”

LS: Yup. He said it. I think this one’s a winner. Darn… Did she say her phone is dead. I bet this is the last stop for her. She’s getting eaten up by these mosquitoes too. Is it me or is the sky getting lighter?

A meal and sunrise later…

RS: I’m sad this mini date has to end… this is better than most of the real dates she’s been on lately.

LS: Relax. It’s not like she’ll never see him again. He’s walking her to the train. Let’s just enjoy these last few minutes. Cool… he has her number. He’ll call.

RS: Aww… the train’s coming. Time to go. How cute. She stopped to kiss him on the cheek… she wanted to give him a peck on the lips, but she didn’t want to seem like THAT girl. Now, let’s hope he calls.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Shoe News: Sole Sisters Documentary Shares Shoe Stories

Every Sole has a Story

There is often a special connection between women and their shoes (hence the existence of this blog). They're part of how we communicate and connect with the world. Think about it, how many of your experiences are tied to a particular pair? Well, the Sole Sisters documentary project will give you an opportunity to share at least one of those experiences (and maybe have it end up in the movie). Produced by award winning documentary producer, Cynthia Salzman Mondell, Sole Sisters was inspired they way a pair of brand new red heels helped encourage her mother's attempt to recover from Pancreatic Cancer. Although Cynthia's mom didn't win her battle, she was inspired and decided to focus on the way women experience life in relation to their shoes. I'm considering submitting an "If These Shoes Could Talk" story. What do you think? Good idea? What story of your own needs sharing? While you think about it, click here and read stories others have shared.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Toes Out on the Town: Kitty Bradshaw Blogiversary

Bloggers, Booze and Shoes...

Recently, my lime green Giuseppe Zanotti platforms and I attended Kitty Bradshaw's 2 Year Blogiversary event (HUGE congrats to her). In addition to connecting with other awesome bloggers & writers and munching on Cabot Creamery cheese and yummy Tonnies Minnis cupcakes (the chocolate and red velvet kept me running back for more), I sipped Smirnoff cocktails and got a peek at the new lineup from Nina Shoes. Those who think they're just the go-to brand for weddings and formals (and for people who don't do heights over 3 3/4 inches) should hold on to their heels. Stilettos, platforms, awesome colors and embellishments abound. They even have a pair that lights up! We'll actually profile a pair or two soon, but in the meantime, here's a peek at what you can expect (with a little video of the shoes lighting up taken using my Palm Pre, which doesn't have a flash on the video camera).


(If you click through to Kitty's recap of the event and watch the video, you'll get to see yours truly!)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shoe News: Aldo's Deal with JC Penney

J.C. Penney & Aldo, A Perfect Pair?

J.C. Penney recently inked a deal to become the exclusive U.S. department store retailer for Canadian-based Aldo's brand, Call it Spring.  Starting in Fall 2010, with the J.C. Penney flagship store in New York's Manhattan Mall, shoppers will be able to score Call it Spring shoes in a store-within-a-store setting. The brand, which is target at consumers between 15 and 30 years old, will also be sold in Aldo stores and via the company's website. We at S&B are already familiar with Spring shoes. We just wonder if the Call it Spring line in J.C. Penney will be any different. 

*Source: Bloomberg Businessweek