Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shoe Score! Top Shelf Style for Well Prices

Treats for my Feet!

The Shoes & Booze team doesn't just sit around lusting over designer shoes. We also shoe shop for sport, and we love a great bargain. We've decided to share our newest goodies with you.
(We've kept the brands and locations a secret, but we'll share if you say "pretty please".)

Score #1: $62.98 (OK, these are Betsey Johnson)

Score #2: 10.99
Score #3: $3.00 (Yes, you read that right)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wear or Beware? Celine's Kiraro Sandal

Kiraro Graffiti Print Sandal By Celine

They're definitely strange looking, but they're also right off the runway. Then again, they touch on the current 80's (graffiti), platform, and interesting heel trends. (According to the website, the shape of their design is inspired by African tribal drawings.) Factor in that the heel height tops 6 inches, and the shank of the shoe isn't there at all. Yet, they're so interesting that it's hard not to stare. Haute Couture or hot mess... What do you think?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Don't Mess With me Monday: Shree Moni Mona Lisa Sandals & Absolut Citrus Refreshers

Mona Lisa Smile

It's Memorial Day. That means no office, no meetings and a day spent hopping from one chic rooftop barbecue to to another. Let's not forget that the day isn't just about burgers and deviled eggs. It's for remembering those who risk life and limb for others, and we've still got plenty whose families pray for a safe return. You're one whose shoes do the talking for her, so instead of a yellow ribbon, don a sunny-hued pair of shoes. We suggest Shree Moni's gladiator-inspired Mona Lisa sandals in fimma yellow. The 4-inch heel and 1 inch platform mean they'll look good with your post-pigout-pooch-hiding maxi dress, and the gladiator styling- with metal brace at the shank- reminds you of soldiers near and far.

Jaunting from place to place can leave a girl a little parched. Citrus Refreshers (Recipe & image from will whet your palette (and look great with your shoes). You'll likely be fixing your own drinks today, so stop at a store and pick up enough candied ginger to last you a while. The recipe calls for Absolut Citron, Sparkling water, lime juice and candied ginger. It'll have a slightly spicy-tart flavor that's cooling but not so sweet that you'll gulp it down. Enjoy resposibly!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shoe News: Ruthie Davis Does Doubles

Ruthie Davis Desings a BOGO line

Hey shoelovers! We recently heard that Ruthie Davis will be offering a line of two-fer shoes next fall. Apparently, she realized a problem: sometimes we need to go from heels to flats in the blink of an eye without sacrificing style. Her answer was to design coordinating flats to go with her heels and then sell both for the price of one. She's calling them "Sushi Combos." (Yummy!) Oh, and they'll come with adorable graffiti print bag to carry them in. Oh, and the $698 to $798 price point will be noticeably lower than her normal $795 to $1295. No worries, though, she'll be using the same high-quality materials. The designs will just be less ornate. We haven't gotten our hands on any pics of the new line yet, so we figured we'd tempt you with a Sushi shoe from the current Summer '09 collection.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Almost There Thursday: Ras Sandals &

Swing Low

You're one day from a three-day weekend, and you can't wait. You're actually considering working from home tomorrow so you can get the party started tonight. Make sure you're prepared with a pair of dance-friendly shoes. A fun pair like these Ras sandals are party-perfect. The festive, vividly hued satin and bright gold cork platform and low 3-inch heel say you're ready to rock around the clock. Whether you're watching the NBA playoffs at a chic sports bar or dancing the night away, you're going to be comfy and cute.

Your drink of choice this evening should be a Citrus Blackberry Collins (recipe & image from It's a combination of Belvedere Cytrus, Marie Brizard Blackberry liqueur, a little lime juice, lemon juice & simple syrup and a splash of club soda. It'll be a slightly bubbly, semi-sweet treat. Just remember that drinking too many may lead to clumsiness, which tends to ruin pretty satin sandals.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wild Wednesday: Rupert Sanderson Firefly Pumps & Firefly Vodka Cocktails

Light Up the Night

Monday and Tuesday went pretty smoothly, and today was okay, too. It's almost the "unofficial start of summer", and you're feeling like a little post- work debauchery, but you know just what to do. Hit your favorite watering hole for drinks with your crew. Don't forget to wear a pair of heels that'll have all eyes on you. A pair like these Firefly Pumps from Rupert Sanderson will be perfect! If it's not because the of the multi-colored python, then 4 3/4 inch heel and slight platform will make you tall enough to catch an eye or two.

Doesn't the word "firefly" conjure images of sitting on the porch, lemonade in hand, watching the little bugs light up? Well, we've found a drink that sums it all up in one sip: The Firefly Vodka Lowcountry Lemonade (Recipe & image from The recipe calls for Firefly Lemon Tea Vodka (yes, the vodka is actually infused with lemon sweet tea!), fresh lemonade, and lemon slices. It's got a sweet/ tart taste, but it definitely packs a punch. Just make sure you imbibe responsibly. Wouldn't want to scuff your shoes!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cutesy Tuesday: Georgina Goodman Hilda Peep Toes & Absolut Sage Lady Cocktails

Winged Wisdom

You're the one who always does the right thing. Wise beyond your years, you always know what's best. Some might even call you an angel. Well, if the goodie-two-shoes fit, it's about time you wear them. Isn't it only right that they come with wings? A pair like Georgina Goodman's Hilda Pumps will suit you perfectly. The winged detail at the back and pearly hue are nothing less than celestial, and the peep toe and slender 4 1/4 inch heel make them darling and demure.

Always the one who sets an example, show your friends something new at happy hour when you order a Sage Lady. One of Marie Claire Magazine's Chic Summer Cocktails, it blends Absolut Mango, Cointreau, simple syrup, fresh sage leaves, cucumber slices, fresh lime and a dash of Peach Bitters. It's sweet, yet refreshing and light (kinda like you), so it's perfect for a balmy night. Don't let the crisp taste fool you, though, this is still an alcoholic beverage. Drinking too many will definitely lead to actions that may tarnish that stellar reputation of yours.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Don't Mess With Me Monday: Alejandro Ingelmo Pistola Booties & 3 Vodka Cocktails

Bullet Points

Don't you just wanna shoot somebody sometimes just because it's Monday? No? Us either. Give peace a chance. You can still look (sorta) tough and bad-ass in a pair of killer heels with edgy accents, like these Pistola peep toed booties by Alejandro Ingelmo. The 4 3/4 inch heel and bullet detail on the slingback say "lookin' for trouble", yet the baby pink hue say there's still something sweet about you. I'm seeing these with cropped or ankle length pants. Anything longer defeats the purpose.

Tonight at happy hour, order a drink that sounds dangerous, but looks pretty. I suggest a Pink Pistol (I changed the name, but image & recipe courtesy of It combines 3 Vodka, lychee fruit, unsweetened pink grapefruit juice and a grapefruit wedge. Apparently, this slightly bittersweet drink is swimsuit-friendly, too. It only has about 130 calories and no fat! It does have about 16g of carbs, though, so if you're on a low carb kick, keep that in mind. Also remember that cutting back on carbs means you have less in your system to soak up alcohol. Overdoing it will almost surely lead to dangerous situations.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cutesy Tuesday: Roger Vivier Alba Pumps & G'Vine Gin Cocktails


The Sun's shining, the grass is lush, flowers are in full bloom and it seems Mother Nature's put on all her finery just for you. Pay a little homage to her with an elegant pair of green shoes (something flowered wouldn't hurt). Use Roger Vivier's Alba pump as inspiration. They're from his Summer 09 Haute Couture collection, (so the price may be higher than the heel). Still, let the grassy-hued crocodile hide D'orsay pumps be your guide. The pointy toe, flower accent, and dainty 4.5 inch heel are nothing but demure. Yet the color adds something almost playful and the open shank and sides bring attention to the sexy arch they put in the foot.

We recommend Le Fleur Vert- or the Green Flower- (recipe & image courtesy of Junior Merino on as your happy hour libation this evening. It's a refreshing mixture of Perrier-Jouet Champagne, G'Vine Gin, simple syrup, lime juice and muddled basil leaves and kiwi. It also looks sophisticated, so your friends will likely try and follow your lead (as usual). Keep track of how many you enjoy, though, because too many will lead to wilting.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Don't Mess with Me Monday: Givenchy Cutout Shoes & P.I.N.K. Blackberry Martinis

Hot in the City

You're still feeling your Mother's Day high, so you're feeling pretty girly, but you've got meetings today and business to handle. Plus you can't miss tonight's happy hour. What shoes fill your footwear needs better than a severely femme pair of heels like these
Givenchy Cutout Shoes (available at The lace-up design is pretty serious and the 4.5 inch heel is no joke, but the color is bright, fun and sexy (just like you). Let them add a pop of color to a cropped, dark colored suit, wear them with fitted a dress or experiment with other options. Just remember your best bet is a little fashionable juxtaposition.

A vivid pair of shoes deserves a drink that's just as intense. If all eyes aren't on your feet tonight, they'll be on your drink, especially if you're sipping a P.I.N.K. Blackberry Martini (Image & recipe courtesy of P.I.N.K Vodka). The verdict's been out sometime on what ultra girly-looking cocktails say about a woman, but this one won't hurt your image at all. It combines P.I.N.K Vodka, blackberry brandy, Cointreau, a little cranberry juice, a splash of sour mix and a few blackberries, so it's not a "college girl" drink. Since you're all grown up now, you'll avoid joining the ranks of recent video scandal victims by drinking responsibly.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cutesy Tuesday: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Slingbacks &

Cielito Lindo Los Corazones...

It's Cinco de Mayo! Ole! It's pretty gloomy out for most of us on the east coast, but you're not disheartened. As a matter of fact, you've decided to keep some sun in your heart even when you can't see it in the sky. C'mon, share it and brighten other peoples' day. Your Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Lady Dragon slingbacks (available at are the perfect way. You've had them since their January debut, and you've finally found the right occasion for their inaugural run. What better day to debut them than a rainy one? They're rubber, so they won't get ruined in the rain, and the red heart makes them festive. The 3.5 inch heel isn't as high as you usually wear, but that just means you can dance more tonight.

A pretty Pomegranate Margarita (recipe & image courtesy of Cabo Wabo) tonight would only be right. You can settle for whatever your bartender concocts, or you can ask for Cabo Wabo Reposado Tequila mixed with a little simple syrup, a few pomegranate seeds and some passion fruit juice. It'll be a tasty concoction, but don't overdo it. If you do, you'll wake up feeling like your head was the pinata at the party.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Much Ado About Shoes: Bourgoisie Shoetique Event

Shoes & Ooooohs!

The Shoes & Booze team has decided to add a new feature to the blog. You see, we often attend fabulous fetes featuring fierce footwear, and we've realized it's only right that we share. Therefore, when you see "Much Ado About Shoes" in the title, you know it's event coverage.

Now, onto business! I attended Bourgeoisie Shoetique's spring affair "The Platform" in Harlem, NY this past Thursday night. (Partial proceeds went to the EIF Revlon Walk.) Haute girls in attendance at the swanky shoe soiree included host Selita Ebanks (Victoria's Secret model), Melyssa Ford (model), Bevy Smith (Big sis to the team & fashion correspondent), cast members from BET's Harlem Heights and my partner in style for the night, Liris Crosse (model/ actress). We sipped wine and tropical Belvedere cocktails while gnoshing on mini crab cakes, macaroni & cheese and other yummy hors d'eouvres. The models and celebs looked amazing, but what got me were the shoes! Models carried illuminated trays displaying some serious foot candy, and there were plenty of treats inside the boutique too! Liris is holding one of my favorite pairs, a platinum platform by Sergio Rossi. I also fell in love with pairs from Gianmarco Lorenzi's bronze hardware platform and Giuseppe Zanotti's black & cream Nero platform. (Both below, respectively.)