Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wild Wednesday: Roger Vivier May Peep Toes

Fly Sky High

After today, you can officially start counting down to Friday. Yay! That means you're THAT much closer to letting your flighty side take over (and we know that's really your FAVORITE side). You've been a serious Susie for the last two days, and it's killing you. Take a flight of fancy dedicated to your freer side in some heels like these May peep toes by Roger Vivier (available at (Feathers are VERY in fashion this season, and they're on EVERYTHING!) These plume-printed satin pretties on a 4.5 inch heels say you appreciate the simple things but enjoy exciting twists. Oh, let's not forget how they also work with the black and white trend that's so in this year, too.

Since your mind is in the clouds today, you should let a Vanilla Cloud (recipe and image courtesy of take your taste buds there too. It's a creamy-looking combination of Beefeater gin, fresh lime juice, vanilla bean syrup and a little bitter lemon soda. (Most bars won't have the vanilla syrup for which the recipe calls, but it should still work with a vanilla liqueur.) The flavor is smooth, but it's still strong enough to "lift" you. That said, mind your intake. We wouldn't want you flitting off into some dangerous situation.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cutesy Tuesday: Escada Bow Pumps and Manhattan Cocktails

Prep School Chic

Did you catch last night's episode of Gossip Girl? No? Neither did we. That doesn't mean you can't channel your inner Blair Waldorf. Ever a lady in public (or at least she should be), she's also shrewd and driven. (Let's just ignore the eating disorder and conniving tendencies, shall we?) You've also got a prim and proper exterior. It's as if Escada made these grosgrain bow pumps just for you (and Blair). The supple camel colored leather, the contrasting piping, 4 inch heel and bow... well, the combination just screams to be accompanied by pearls. Yet, the pointy toe adds something a bit naughty (but that's you too).

No prepster worth her weight in madras will go through life without sipping AT LEAST one Manhattan. The great thing about this drink- it's such a classic you don't have to remember the ingredients when ordering. (But keep in mind that there are many variations.) The tough thing (for some) is the kick. (Even premium bourbon- like Woodford Reserve- can be a tough pill to swallow for the faint of palate). The sweet vermouth, bitters and (maybe) maraschino cherry juice neutralize it a little, but it's a strong drink no matter how you pour it. Still, you might as well prepare for your days as a lady who lunches. Please imbibe with caution. Cute shoes with broken heels are not accepted in high society.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Don't Mess With Me Monday: YSL Sculpted Platfrom Pumps & Three Olives Greek Goddess Cocktails

A Lovely Gray

You devour the sports pages as eagerly as you do WWD. Your Sundays and Monday nights are spent watching football, and you're still as girly and chic as they come. So, today, you're wearing shoes that let your colleagues know you mean business but will also work when you go watch Monday Night Football at your favorite watering hole (which happens to be the swankiest sports bar in town). Some girls wear flats, but like Victoria Beckham, you think better in heels. This sculpted platform pump from YSL (or some other sleek semi-wedge with a platform) is definitely the shoe for you. The combination of sumptuous suede and shiny patent, coupled with the unique silhouette equals a shoe that's just like you. Plus, the 4.5 inch heel and 1 inch platform mean you'll still be able to see the TV screen if none of the guys at the bar are chivalrous enough to give up their seat.

You don't think like most women, and you don't drink like them either. You like a drink with a kick... but you don't mind if it's a little sweet. Besides, tonight, a frilly-looking drink will ruin your street cred. Our recommendation is a Greek Goddess (the name sounds girlie but we promise it packs a punch). It's simply Three Olives Pomegranate Vodka with a splash of lemon/ lime soda. The pomegranate infusion makes sure it goes down smooth, but since it's clear, you won't be chided for drinking like a girl. Do remember, though, that you ARE a lady and that too many of these may lead to some unladylike behavior.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fun Friday: Brian Atwood Jeweld Pumps & Grey Goose Starlight Cocktails

Twinkle, Little Star

It's been said that you're the life of the party, a diva, a character and a gem. Some have even whispered that your over-the-t0p personality borders on being too much. That doesn't bother you, though. You revel in your rock star personality (and tendencies). No matter what the calendar says, everyday is Friday to you. Someone like you must've been on Brian Atwood's mind when he designed these jeweled pumps. The hidden platform, almond toe and 5 inch stiletto heel are all simple enough, but the rainbow of tiny jewels make them impossible to miss (just like you.) They also fall right in line with the disco queen theme that's taken over fashion lately. If this shoe's for you, we don't need to tell you what to wear with it, but we'll suggest a simple party frock anyway.

What's a self-respecting star without her signature cocktail? And it (absolutely) MUST be made from ingredients that are tough to find, right? Well... you can call the Grey Goose Starlight your liquid costar. It's sweet, tangy and severely intoxicating (yes, we're still talking about the drink, not you.) Once you've got the bartender under your spell, tell him or her to mix Grey Goose Vodka, maraschino, POM Wonderful, passionfruit syrup and a little white grapefruit juice. Then, work your magic on the cutie at the other end of the bar... he'll have the bartender put your drinks on his tab. Just don't get greedy and drink too much... You may have a rock star personality, but you don't have the budget for Betty Ford.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Almost There Thursday: Lovely People Piper Booties and Smurf Cocktails

True Blue

Fall officially began a couple of days ago, and while the thermometer doesn't exactly reflect the change of seasons, your fashion sense does. You may go back to peep toes next week, but at the moment you're all about autumn. Honey, you'll be hot (as in gasping for air and sweating) in tall boots, but haute (as in inspirational) in a pair of open-faced booties, like the these blue Piper ankle skimmers from Lovely People. You're not really into the high-heel hype, so their three inch heel height is definitely your forte. The ruffles are so "this season," as is the color. Plus, the open face means you can do the sans-socks/ stockings look now and then opt for opaque tights once the temperature starts to drop. (We suggest black, gray or an eye popping hue like neon green.) Oh, and lower heels tend to mean the possibility for higher cocktail intake (slimmer chances of taking an ugly tumble).

These shoes have an 80's pop appeal that may transport some of us back to the cartoon-laden days of our childhoods. Smurfs anyone? (Seriously... they definitely have a little Smurfette flair.) That said, order a Smurf (recipe and image courtesy of at happy hour tonight. It's a fruity-flavored concoction that combines Strawberry Vodka (Stolichnaya Strasberi should do the trick), Blue Curacao, a little lime juice and a bit of lemon/lime soda. If you're one who's into strong drinks, have the bartender use less soda and more vodka. However... be sure to check for blue teeth and tongue frequently. The cute guy who just walked in may dig blue shoes, but a blue you might be a bit much.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wear or Beware? Roksanda Ilincic Feathered Booties

Feathered Open Toed Booties from Roksanda Ilinic

New York Fashion Week S/S 2010 has come to a close, the smoke has basically cleared, and all the fuss is now about London Fashion Week. Some designers showed options that'll easily translate from the tents to the streets, while others went with tougher looks to translate. Such is the case with Roksanda Ilincic. The shoes she sent down the runway were definitely eye-catching and basically on-trend: embellishments, metallics, platforms and peep toes. However, most of them (such as the ones pictured) are not for the faint of art. (Then again... the feathers are kind of- er- ethnic, and isn't that soooo de rigueur these days? Oh, and the neutral bronze color goes with so much.) The members of the S&B team have our own (differing) opinions, but we're curious about yours. Would you wear these? To where? With What? Tell us yours, and we'll tell you ours. Haute Couture or hot mess... what do you think?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Much Ado About Shoes: Bourgeoisie Shotique's Suite Addicitons

Suite Sensations...

What do you call a swank hotel suite, smooth drinks, a few celebs and beautiful, sky-scraping stilettos? We at Shoes & Booze call it sweet heaven, but Harlem, NY's Bourgoisie Shoutique called it "Suite Addiction." Held at the Royalton in midtown Manhattan, the Fashion Week event allowed select invited guests to preview Spring '10 merchandise from some of the Shoes & Booze team's favorite designers. (Can you say Casadei, Georgina Goodman, Giuseppe Zanotti and Givenchy?) Our girl on the scene sipped Baileys cocktails and exchanged pleasantries with Bri and Brook from BET's Harlem Heights (the sneak peek at images from Bri's upcoming bag line caused fits of desire), Melyssa Ford (whose jumper was to-die-for) and DJ Miss Saigon (see her red Casadeis below). By the way, the purple Casadei ankle boots to the left would make a perfect Christmas gift for ANY member of the team (especially StyleScrybe, hint hint).

Below: Goodies from Georgina Goodman and 2 Come-Hither styles from Casadei

Bri (Harlem Heights), Rashida Ali (Bourgeoisie), Brook (Harlem Heights)

Rashida Ali (Bourgeoisie) and Melyssa Ford (Hennessy)

Miss Saigon's Casadei Stunners

Monday, September 14, 2009

Shoe News: Footwear News Announces Italian Shoe Designer Awards Winners

Drumroll Please!

New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and we'll deliver our highlights and top picks very soon. Today, though, is all about Footwear News' "Stepping out in Italian Shoes" Popular Choice Awards. In April, the Italian Trade Commission and the Italian Footwear Manufacturers Association teamed with Footwear News to launch a microsite where visitors could vote for their favorite Italian shoe designers. (OF COURSE WE VOTED!) Fifty finalists in five categories were nominated by American footwear industry insiders. Last night, Jamie-Lynn Sigler announced the winners at a fabulous fete, complete with haute Hors d'oeuvres, decadent desserts and an assortment of amazing footwear donning attendees' feet. The winners (and our thoughts) are as follows:

Women's Designer: Claudia Ciuti
Women's Contemporary: Giorgio Fabiani

Men's Designer: Franceschetti

Men's Contemporary: Roberto Guerrini

Innnovative Design: Casadei

Our Thoughts: While we thing Ciuti's shoes are definitely cute, and Fabiani's designs are fine, but when you have other nominees like Gianmarco Lorenzi and Taccetti (who tend to have more eye-catching offerings), it's hard to agree with the selections. We do, however, totally agree with the Casadei nod (the Shoes & Booze team LOVES Casadei). Still we congratulate all nominees and winners.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shoe News: Christian Siriano's Payless Collection Causes Heart Palpitations

Project Payless

Project Runway alum, Christian Siriano's show yesterday, featuring his limited-edition line for Payless, set stylish tongues a-wagging. He's not the first designer to team with the low-cost retailer- or the first to debut a collection during New York Fashion Week. However, there was something more... inspiring and lustworthy about his. Hidden platforms, curved cone heels, luxe, ladylike accents and tough details all amounted to a jaw-droppingly covetable collection. Sad to say, though, that when we checked the Payless ShoeSource website, we only spied a couple of styles- that lacked the umph of what strutted down the runway. The black Slither ankle booties are wearable at best, but um... we'd much rather one of the pairs pictured here (in an 8 and a 10... thanks)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Much Ado About Shoes: Fashion's Night Out and Omelle's NY Launch

One Moment in Time

We'd like to take a brief moment of reflection in memory of all those lost on September 11th, 2001 and in honor of those they left behind. It was one of those days around which we gauge other memories, and we can all remember where we were and what we were doing when the attacks took place. Please take a little time today to be thankful for your life and for those you love. As that day reminded us, it can all be snatched away in an instant.

Last night, Vogue, the CFDA and NYC & Company united with New York designers and retailers in an attempt to reignite shoppers' thirst for fashion. Fashion's Night Out was a city-wide celebration of all that's fun, fabulous and even frivolous about retail therapy. (Some stores even sold limited edition T-shirts to benefit the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.) The Shoes & Booze crew was out & about swilling bubbly and swooning over all the chicness. (Those jelly beans at Prada were top-notch!)

The highlight of our night came at Debut NY, where Omelle made its New York debut. Effortless chic and innovative heel design have placed the brand among our favorites, so we were giddy at the chance to meet Cherise Angelle, one of the ladies behind the magic. She's pictured here with Hardy (our fave of the season) and a couple of other styles. (We also heard talk of Pat Field pulling a pair for SATC 2!) Look forward to seeing more Omelle shoes paired with drinks VERY soon.