Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cutesy Tuesday: Ted Baker Hania Pumps

Best in Bow

You straddle the line between convention and quirk with what seems to be flawless ease. Never totally practical, you're also far from flighty. Bows on shoes are really nothing new, but placed at the back instead of the front of a simple pump, they say "I know I look responsible, but I have a playful side." The 4 inch heel says you're not afraid of a challenge, and adding vivid fuchsia and purple to the mix, a la these Hania pumps by Ted Baker (Available at, you only boosts your "look at me" factor.

Know what else makes people look at you? Tiara's. However, unless it's your birthday (or you're either a pageant winner or a little girl), you may look a bit kooky wearing one on a regular Tuesday night at happy hour. Still, you can order an X-Rated Tiara at the bar to satisfy your inner princess. It's a combination of X-Rated Fusion Liqueur, Crown Royal Whiskey, DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker Schnapps and splashes of cranberry, pineapple and lime juice, so it's pretty sweet. Remember, though, that the Crown Royal (which is perfect for now because dark liquor is in season) makes it a little stronger than it may taste. That said, mind your sips so you can mind your steps. (Recipe & Image via X-Rated Fusion Liqueur.)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cutesy Tuesday: Ruthie Davis Sushi Combos Revisited

Sushi Sashay

A few months ago, we let you know that Ruthie Davis (a footwear fave of celebrities like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Taraji. P Henson and many others) was releasing a "two-for" line (see here). Now that it's too cold to don flip-flops for your commute to and from work, her Sushi Combos REALLY come in handy. Besides, you're too put-together for flip-flops or non-matching flats anyway. The clouds and/ or rain (depending on where you're located) today may have you feeling a little blue. Navy patent platform peep toed mary janes (and their flat partners) are just what you need. Try the Davis by Ruthie Davis Edamame/ Sashimi Combo (available at The red and purple accents add the pop you need to pump up your mood. Plus, the rubber strap provides a futuristic twist (wouldn't be a Davis pump without some futuristic pop).

What goes better with sushi than sake? This drink might look like a run of the mill martini or cosmo, but it's actually a Leblon and Sake Caipirinha. Made with Leblon Cachaca (Brazilian rum), Ty-Ku Sake, raspberries and lime juice, it's a semi-tart concoction with a kick. (And it brings out the red in your heels. Wink, wink.) It's so tasty that you may want to have a few, but remember, a lady sips and doesn't guzzle. If you can consume slowly, you can avoid the fast track to embarrassing situations.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Wear or Beware: Massimo Dogana Viperfur Convertible OTK Boots

Lizards and Leopards and Snakes... Oh My!

Fashionably speaking, this season is a bit of a free for all. Wanna mix patterns? Go ahead! Clashing colors? Just might work if you're chic enough to pull it off. And then you have mixed-medium footwear, like these Viperfur convertible over the knee boots from Massimo Dogana (available at Gregory's). They have the season-required platform, round toe and (er) embellished heel. And animal print is timeless, right. Plus, haven't our fave fashion mags been advising us to get some snake print in our wardrobes? The red platform and heel DO provide the unexpected shot of color that's so "in" these days. Lastly, over the knee boots are a necessity this year. So what do you say, pimptastic or pulchritudinous?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Booze News: VeeV Treetinis are Earth Friendly

A Toast to the Tree Huggers

You know that slightly euphoric feeling you get when your drink first hits your bloodstream? It's all fuzzy and warm, and you almost instantly feel a little of the stress leave your shoulders. Well if you order a VeeV Treetini the next time you visit your local bar, you should feel a littler warm and fuzzier; for every Treetini ordered, Veev will plant a tree.

A partnership between Live It Green, LLC and VeeV Acai Spirit, the Treetini initiative makes it easy to do a little something for Mother Nature. First off, Treetinis are available at various bars and restaurants throughout the country (check here to see which is closest to you) and are made by combining VeeV Acai Spirit with seasonal, organic, locally grown ingredients (to the furthest extent possible). Second, like we said earlier, for every one purchased, a tree will be planted. The plantings take place quarterly in a region devastated by disaster. The initial location was Tamil Nandu, India, but the planting location is changed throughout the year to spread the greenery.

Unfortunatley, you'll only be able to get one of these eco-cocktails in Chicago, Dallas, New York City, Miami, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Las Vegas. Cheers!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just for Kicks: A Shoe Shopping Flow Chart

The Science behind Shoe Shopping

A member of the S&B team Stumbled across this funny/ insightful chart on recently and felt compelled to share. After you've finished chuckling, please click on over to Cracked and check out the funny commentary and comparisons to the way men shop for shoes.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shoes in the News: Oprah's Shoe Interventions

When Footwear Makes you Look Fat...

Yesterday's episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show featured shoe and handbag makeovers from
ELLE Magazine's Joe Zee, O, The Oprah Magazine's, Adam Glassman and celebrity stylist/ Harper's Bazaar contributor, Mary Alice Stephenson. I wasn't able to catch the show, but I did peruse the recap on Oprah's website, and I was aghast at some of the footwear atrocities they corrected (although some seemed pretty common-sense: Piggy faced flats? Really?)

We say in our headline that your shoes say a lot about who you are, and Joe & co. aptly pointed out that many women are selecting footwear that simply isn't right for them. The fact that a shoe is trendy, inexpensive, or "Oh-My-God" gorgeous doesn't mean they belong on EVERY woman's foot. It's important to take an honest look and figure out if a shoe calls attention to your "cankles," or pumps up your pudge factor. Then there are some that are simply inappropriate for your lifestyle. The suggestions the style team made for women on the show were cool, but I was a bigger fan of what they did in Oprah's Accessory Boutique (sponsored by and Macy's.)

I KNOW the ONLY kind of intervention S&B readers need is one that helps them stop splurging on amazing shoes. However I'm willing to bet that we all know someone else who can use a little help. That said, do you have any friends in need of my assistance? I may be making some suggestions to a few people I know in later posts (because the beauty of blog posts is largely in their brevity), and I'll gladly add them to the list. In the meantime, check out this video to see how they took a churchgoing woman from pole-ready to pulpit-friendly in a pair of purple Sergio Rossi Pumps.