Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spot-Light NY: Haru Sushi Midtown


Hip Hip! Haru!

Haru Broadway ShoesNBoozeLet’s say you’re in Times Square, and you decide you want to catch a good happy hour nearby with friends, but you also want to eat something other than typical bar food without it costing a lot. A first thought might be to walk down to 8th Avenue in search of something fun. However, a better bet would be to check out Haru Sushi near the corner of 43rd Street and Broadway. Well lit, casual and surprisingly affordable (especially considering its location), it’s great for hanging out without having to get glammed up.

I was recently invited to try a few drinks from their Fall sake cocktail menu (just in time for Global Sake Day on October 1), and my taste buds were quite pleased.

Haru Ultimat Saketini ShoesNBooze

First, there was the Ultimat Saketini ($12), a crisp concoction comprised of Ultimat Vodka, sake and plum wine. It was potently refreshing, and though one isn’t really supposed to eat the garnish on a drink, I couldn’t resist the sake soaked cucumber shreds. Call it the antidote to post-office tension.





Haru Cherry Blossom ShoesNBoozeNext I tried the Cherry Blossom ($12), which combines Svedka Cherry Vodka, nigori sake, peach puree and cranberry juice. I’m normally not one for really sweet drinks, but this one managed not to be syrupy, so it was cool. If you’re into girly drinks, this one is for you. However, it’s also one that’ll sneak up on you if you drink too many too fast.




Haru Mr Beams Sake Cider ShoesNBoozeLastly, there was the Mr. Beam’s Sake Cider. Since I’m a bourbon gal, I was especially looking forward to tasting this combination of Jim Beam Black, Reiko Cold Sake and fresh apple cider. The bad news was that they were out of cider. The good news was I had a skilled bartender who was able to whip up a very tasty substitute (which I’ve heard may now get added to the menu). The drink I tried substituted fresh pressed apple juice for cider and added bitters and ginger ale.

Ladies, I’m not sure if this is the place to go cruising for guys, but it’s definitely a spot for great drinks in a laid back atmosphere, whether you’re coming straight from work or stopping in before a night out.

For more information on Haru Sushi, its menus and locations, visit


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wild Wednesday: Giuseppe Zanotti Asymmetric Eel Pumps


It’s Eel-Etric!

Giuseppe Zanotti Asymmetric Eel Pumps ShoesNBooze

There’s something about Wednesday; if you can make it through the day, there’s a good chance you might get through the week. That doesn’t quite apply to you, though. No matter the day, your finesse is unquestionable, and your energy is electric. Give everyone who sees you a jolt today in a brightly colored pair of pumps, like these Asymmetric Eel Pumps from Giuseppe Zanotti (available at Net-a-Porter for $595). The pointy toe (a big trend for Fall 2011), the fuchsia hue and high-but-dainty heel are feminine and ladylike. Meanwhile, the low cut, slightly off center vamp adds a sexy edge, and the eel skin is a slick touch of luxe.

Harmonie Splash Shoes N booze

Wearing a pink shoe doesn’t mean you have to sip a frilly drink with a girly garnish from a martini glass. Instead order something that looks a little more pared down like a Hpnotiq Harmonie Splash (Harmonie is the new berry flavored liqueur from Hpnotiq) . Because it’s in a highball glass, it looks a little more straightforward, but it’s still quite sweet.


  • 3 oz. Hpnotiq Harmonie
  • 1 oz. Premium Vodka
  • 1 oz. Grapefruit Juice
  • Touch of Grenadine

Pour over ice, stir, and serve in a highball glass.

This drink is quite fruity, so your taste buds may tell you it’s just like juice. However, sip cautiously, or you may find yourself teetering on your stEELettos (get it?).


Monday, September 19, 2011

Booze Book Review: Skinny Cocktails


Hey, Good Bookin’!


Skinny Cocktails Book Cover ShoesNBoozeFor some, the end of summer means an end to calorie counting and rigorous gym routines (chunky sweaters hide extra pounds, right?). However, others don’t let lower numbers on the thermometer mean higher numbers on the scale. Does that mean you have to forego yummy Autumn cocktails and warm sippers? Not if expert bartenders, Jaclyn Wilson Foley & Ray Foley, have anything to say about it. They recently released “Skinny Cocktails,” (via Sourcebooks) a pretty comprehensive pocket guide to diet friendly cocktail recipes with carb and calorie counts for lots of beers, spirits and mixers.

Skinny Cocktails Book Page ShoesNBoozeThere are at least 250 cocktail options in this book, listed in alphabetical order, so it’s not short on choices. My favorite parts of it, though, are the lists of zero-carb liquors and the top 10 low calorie liquors (which are both pretty close to the front, so you can find it easily). I also like that it’s really compact (only a little bigger than my hand), so you can keep it in your purse and refer to it when you’re out. The only thing I’d change: I wish the cocktails were categorized by liquor type instead of being listed alphabetically. Granted, there’s a liquor index in the back, but who remembers to look back there after a Maker’s Mark Manhattan (170 Calories) or two?

If you want to tipple without tipping the scales (remember, colored skinny jeans and skinny cords are a must-wear this Fall,not to mention sleek sweater dresses),  “Skinny Cocktails” is definitely worth the $6.99. I actually carried it with me on a few outings, and it really came in handy. Oh, another caveat- keep your eye out for covetous friends. Mine have tried stealing my complimentary copy on more than one occasion.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Almost There Thursday: Charlotte Olympia Verity Kitten Heel Pumps




Charlotte Olympia Verity Pump ShoesNBooze

New York Fashion Week ends today, and whether you attended the shows physically or vicariously, you’re sure to be in a bit of a head spin… so much so, that you need a break from sky high stilettos. Good thing ladylike kitten heels are one of this Fall’s biggest trends. Say goodbye to the New York shows and hello to the London ones with a big, red-lipped kiss. Rather, let your toes do the smooching in these Verity Pumps by Charlotte Olympia (available at Kirna Zabete for $829). It’s flirty 3.3 inch heel makes it comfy enough for party hopping, and the pointed toe gives it a bit of formality. However, the crystal accented lip clip, felt material and emerald color make it unconventionally fun.

Voli-BlushingBerry Shoes N Booze

Now that you’ve spent the last 7 days watching waif-ish women walk the runway and size 2 celebrities on the red carpet, if you’re anything like me you’re counting calories. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying a good drink, though. Opt for a skinny cocktail, like Blushing Berry featuring Voli Light Vodka (this vodka has 25%- 40% less calories than many other popular vodkas).


· 2 oz Voli Raspberry Cocoa

· ½ oz raspberry liqueur

· Regular or diet cranberry juice

Method: Build ingredients over ice and stir.

Just because it’s low in calories doesn’t mean it’s low in alcohol. Don’t overdo it with this cocoaliscious berry concoction, or else your real lips might pucker up to the wrong person.


Shoes Clues: Style Tips from Alexandre Birman


Alexandre Birman E Latin AmericaA few days ago, I attended Alexandre Birman’s Fashion Week event at Saks. While there, I got a few shoe style tips from Brad Goreski (and shared them HERE). I also got to chat with Mr. Birman (shoe groupie moment!) about which of his shoes a woman should wear to give off a particular impression. He delighted in actually walking through his section of the shoe department and showing me his recommendations. I asked him the same questions as Brad, but his answers were quite different. (No, that gorgeous woman holding the mic isn’t me lol. That’s a reporter from E! Latin America)

S&B: Which shoes should a woman wear on a date to let a man know he should bring his A game?

AB: My patent peep toe platform pump with stingray.


S&B: What about for a job interview?

AB: Well it depends on what kind of job. If it’s a job in fashion…

Alexandre Birman Shoe w mini ShoesNBooze

and if it’s something more formal or conservative, a mid heel pump is better.

Alexandre Birman w Black pump ShoesNBooze

S&B: Which of your shoes says a woman is looking for fun?

AB: My black ankle boot is really sexy and fun… especially with a skirt or dress that hits right at mid thigh. It has a narrow opening, so it really hugs the leg.

Alexandre Birman w Ankle Boot ShoesNBooze

S&B: Lastly, if she wants to catch the eye of a certain guy, but doesn’t want to seem to fussy?

AB: My black cut out bootie.

Alexandre Birman w Cutout Bootie ShoesNBooze

Sidenote… I really loved the little gift with purchase set.



Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shoe Review: Nine West Abalene


Creative Loafing

Not long ago, a box arrived at my door containing a complimentary box of Nine West Abalene high heeled loafers. I’d been asked to style them into a look and then review them on twitter. Granted, I thought I’d be receiving an olive green oxford, so a gray loafer was a challenge (especially since I rarely wear shoes in sensible hues). Still I gave it a go…

Jacket: Thrift store find given to me by Enovia of Accessory Remix, Skirt: Kimichi Blue, Necklace from Sociallite Accessories.

The Verdict: Thanks to serious foot bed cushioning, they were incredibly comfortable. If you’re a teacher or work a job that requires a lot of standing or walking, I strongly suggest them. High heeled loafers are a huge trend this fall, and they’re not just for the office anymore. This pair is not only chic, but also versatile… they work as well with skinny jeans and a blazer as they do with slacks or a pencil skirt.  My only qualms… and they’re really small and very personal: I’m not a fan of the color (they do have a navy blue that I like, though), and I wish the heel was a half inch higher (Abalene has a 4 1/2 inch heel and 1 inch platform). All in all, they’re well worth the $89 price tag. Oh, here it is in Navy:

Nine West Abalene ShoesNBooze

The Well Heeled Society also reviewed the Abalene. Check out the writer’s opinions HERE.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shoe View: NYFW Spring 2012- Alice + Olivia, Betsey Johnson


Alice + Olivia

Alice-Olivia Spring 2012 Shoes ShoesNBooze

Alice-Olivia Spring 2012 Gold Shoes ShoesNBooze









Alice-Olivia Spring 2012 Platforms ShoesNBooze

Alice-Olivia Spring 2012 Cork Platforms ShoesNBooze









Alice + Olivia is known for its ability to inject playful sophistication into easy-to-wear apparel. The brand launched its shoe collection this year, but Spring 2012 represents its first complete line. The shoes presented, like the clothes, were fun and varied in style, but managed not to go too far over the top. There were pumps and sandals with wedge and stiletto heels in various vivid hues. My favorites? The candy colored wedge sandals.

*Images via and 


Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson Spring 2012 boot ShoesNBooze


Betsey Johnson Spring 2012 Sandal ShoesNBooze

Betsey Johnson Spring 2012 Bootie ShoesNBooze









Betsey Johnson  has a tendency to toy with tutus, tulle and prom queen themes. For Spring 2012, though, she pushed the buck a bit further with her whimsical T&A themed collection. Body-hugging  bra top dresses, sparkly jumpsuits and cigarette pants were paired with baby-doll shoes and lace up booties- all on pole-worthy platforms. Notwithstanding their “working” girl inspirations, the shoes were still more party than prostitute. I’m especially excited about the work boots with glittery platforms.

*Images via


Monday, September 12, 2011

Shoe View: NYFW Spring 2012 RTW- DKNY, Thakoon, Tommy Hilfiger



DKNY SPRING 2012 RTW Pink shoes ShoesNBooze

DKNY SPRING 2012 RTW shoes ShoesNBooze









DKNY SPRING 2012 RTW Sandal ShoesNBooze

Few designer labels are as “New York” as DKNY. It’s no surprise, then, that its runway collection was presented on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. There’s also no heel silhouette more city-smart than a wedge (except a flat, but who wears those? lol). Any woman who’s navigated the cobblestones of the Meat Packing District or walked a city block in stilettos will tell you that. Therefore, it’s also fitting that DKNY’s shoe collection consisted exclusively of high platform wedges. There was even one in red white and blue camo- either a fitting tribute, or an eerie reference to a tragic day, depending on your perspective.

*Images via 


THAKOON SPRING 2012 RTW Shoes ShoesNBooze

For Spring 2012, Thakoon Panichgul toyed with the concept of cowboys and Indians- literally blending Western motifs with Bollywood inspirations. The shoes- gold- toed sling backs in exotic skins with cowboy boot references and sensible heels- will easily work with various spring looks, no bandana needed.

*Image via

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy-hilfiger-SPRING-2012-RTW-camo-shoes ShoesNBooze

Tommy-hilfiger-SPRING-2012-RTW-glenplaid-loafer ShoesNBooze










The king of preppy cool’s Spring 2012 RTW collection was a nod to 60s mod with a bit of Pop thrown in. Think glen plaid in blue and orange, bright stripes and kick pleats. On the models’ feet? Boat shoes and loafers- but with high wooden heels and in eye- catching prints. Hilfiger also did camouflage, but his was pink.

*Images via


Shoes Clues: Style Tips from Brad Goreski


I recently had a brief shoe chat with celebrity stylist and reality TV star, Brad Goreski during Alexandre Birman’s Fashion Week event at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE. After he complimented me on my makeup (which I did all by myself. Hey now!), I asked him for recommendations on which shoes a woman should wear in certain situations to get particular results. Mr. “It’s a Brad Brad World” (premiering on BRAVO in 2012) currently dresses Jessica Alba, a frequent best dressed lister, so I’d say he knows a thing or two.

S&B: What should a woman wear to let a date know he’d better bring his A game?

Brad: A seriously high platform with spikes. (I took creative license and pictured the Ruthie Davis Spikette Deluxe here because Alexandre Birman didn’t do a spiked platform this season)

Ruthie Davis Spikette Deluxe ShoesNBooze

S&B: And if she’s going to a job interview?

Brad: A pump with personality… like something in a patent or snakeskin. Go with a twist on a classic. (Like this burgundy python number by Alexandre Birman- available at SAKS)

Alexandre Birman Snakeskin Pump ShoesNBooze

S&B: What about a shoe that says she’s looking for fun?

Brad: Color! Neons… I saw a turquoise snakeskin loafer around here… (Here they are… Alexandre Birman python loafers)

Alexandre Birman Python Loafer ShoesNBooze

(S&B sidebar- I think the loafer’s awesome, but if you’re like me and have a high heel habit, maybe go for something like this Jerome C. Rousseau Isy sandal)

Jerome C Rousseau Isy ShoesNBooze

S&B: OK, here’s the last question… what should a woman wear to catch the eye of a special guy- but not seem too fussy?

Brad: A sleek ankle boot. Elongate those legs, honey! (I think he’d approve either of these booties from Alexandre Birman.)

Alexandre Birman Watersnake bootie ShoesNBooze

Alexandre Birman Black Bootie ShoesNBooze








Wondering what brad had on his feet? Here ya go!

Brad Goreski shoes ShoesNBooze

Oh… and my makeup… #youcare (subtle silver eye with a candy pink lip… I need to work on my photography skills because you can barely even see my makeup in this picture.)


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shoe View: NYFW Spring 2012- Christian Siriano, Faster by Mark Fast & More


Christian Siriano












*Images via

Fashion editors from to Women’s Wear Daily mentioned how far the Project Runway alum still has to go before he can be taken seriously as a fashion designer. Still, his shoes for Spring 2012 are no laughing matter. With curved Tortoise shell heels and exotic skins in brights like orange and citrine they’re the perfect combination of serious and whimsical.


Faster by Mark Fast

Fast by Mark Fast Boots Spring 2012 ShoesNBooze

Fast by Mark Fast Spring 2012 ShoesNBooze

*Images via, taken by Amanda Hakan & Jesse Adler, powered by Leica Camera.

Bright pastels (think peach, sea green and lavender with a jolt of electricity) ruled this collaboration with ALDO Rise. Contrasting cut outs took platform pumps from standard to stand out. Meanwhile, The same last was covered in what seemed to be opaque nylon with sheer panels to create over the knee boots.


Alejandro Ingelmo

Alejandro Ingelmo Spring 2012 Shoes ShoesNBooze









Shoes, Presentation, Atmosphere







*Images via and

Mirror, mirror, on the… shoe? Seems that’s what Alejandro Ingelmo had in mind when he designed this collection, which includes shoes so shiny you can almost see your reflection. There were classic pumps, pump/ bootie hybrids and his signature tiered ankle boots, some in metallic leather and others in suede.


Alexander Wang












*Images via 

Dark. Erotic. Exotic. All apt descriptions for the shoes that walked down Alexander Wang’s runway. By dark, I don’t only refer to the colors (there were actually some white pointy pumps), but more a mood of mystery. They were simultaneously tough and feminine.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shoe View: NYFW Spring 2012 RTW- Peter Som, Christian Cota


Peter Som

Peter Som Spring 2012 ShoesNBooze

It seems the high heeled loafer trend will carry into Spring 2012, and Charlotte Olympia’s versions for Peter Som’s runway combined fun and luxury, using exotic stingray leather, bright colors and delicate metallic details.

*Image via

Christian Cota

Christian Cota Spring 2012 ShoesNBooze 2

Christian Cota Spring 2012 ShoesNBooze






The cutout platform booties have a futuristic flair, but I’m absolutely in love with the heavily hued platform pumps. Both are part of Cota’s collaboration with ALDO Rise, so they may actually be within reach for most of us next Spring.

*Images via Women’s Wear Daily

Friday, September 9, 2011

Shoe View: NYFW Spring 2012 RTW- Chushnie et Ochs and Douglas Hannant


Cushnie et Ochs

Cushnie et Ochs ShoesNBooze









Cushnie et Ochs ShoesNBooze









Metallic pin heels on bright platform pumps? YES please!’s Alison Baenen criticized the design duo for pairing pink and canary yellow dresses with matching looks, but she also applauded their fine tailoring. I agree that the dresses were gorgeous. Still, the shoes, a collaboration between ALDO Rise and Cushnie et Ochs, stole my heart. *Images via

Douglas Hannant

douglas hannant Pink ShoesNBooze

You’d think neutral leather, coupled with rope and raffia would look rugged. Yet this shoe is quite feminine and fun.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shoe View: NYFW Spring 2012 RTW- Mimi Plange


Mimi Plange Manolo Blahnik ShoesNBooze2









Mimi Plange Manolo Blahnik ShoesNBooze










Seriously, can I have the blue ones with the tasseled laces and fuchsia heels NOW? Mimi Plange collaborated with Manolo Blahnik on the shoes for her collection.

*Source: Women’s Wear Daily


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shoe News: Loeffler Randall / Suno collaborate for Fashion Week


suno x Loeffler Randal Sketch

Apparel brand, Suno, will present it’s first New York Fashion Week show on September 9 at Milk Studios and will be collaborating with Loeffler Randall on shoes for the show. According to Footwear News, the two styles created are caged sandals with floral prints and were based on the idea of “a shoe within a shoe.”

*Image via Footwear News

Friday, September 2, 2011

Booze Clues: 5 Affordable Wines to Sip When You Want to Impress


Winning While Wining


Bill Traverso ShoesNBoozeCocktails are great, but there are occasions when a glass of malbec is more appropriate than a martini. That said, it’s important to know what to sip and when. Bill Traverso, a professional wine judge and Director of Wine Competitions for Vineyard and Winery Management Group, volunteered to provide expert advice for sipping in certain instances. He also promised he’d suggest wines that won’t break the bank (because you’ll surely also want new shoes for said instances).


A date

NV Ruggeri Gold Label ShoesNBooze

For a date, I would recommend Italian Prosecco, such as the NV Ruggeri Gold Label (approx $20 per bottle). It can be enjoyed before, during, and after a meal and is an elegant change from Champagne. **Photo & price via

Your future mother-in-law

This is an important one, so I’m going with a very specific recommendation: the Finger Lakes Semi-Dry Riesling 2010 Keuka Spring; it is a classic, light Riesling that suits almost everyone’s palate. In fact, it just won Best of Class in the 2011 International Eastern Wine Competition (More info on the competition here)

At lunch/ dinner with the boss

Russian River Valley/Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir is an excellent choice for a lunch or dinner with the boss. It varies in price, but always delivers rich flavors of red and black grapes.

As a hostess gift for someone you don’t know that well


Chardonnay is the perfect wine gift because of its light crisp taste and versatility. California Chardonnay is almost always a good bet; for a specific, try the 2010 Round Hill Oak Free Chardonnay (approx $8 per bottle) which won Best of Class in the 2011 West Coast Wine Competition (More info on the competition here) *Image and price info via

Hanging out with a high-brow crowd

French Rhône blends are perfect for high-brow crowds; they are full of dark, deep flavors that are sure to satisfy anyone who tries them.

Now that you know what to drink, please don’t hesitate if you’d like advice on which shoes you should wear to complement the contents of your glass. Also, don’t forget to read up on international affairs and maybe glance at the Cliff’s Notes for a piece of classic literature or two. Your wine knowledge won’t wow your audience ALL night.