Thursday, April 28, 2011

Booze Clues: What to Drink While Watching the Royal Wedding


Fairy Tales Do Come True

Will you be watching William and Catherine take their vows in real time (the televised festivities start around 4 AM Eastern) or recording them to watch later? My suggestion is a grown up fairy tale slumber party, complete with haute heels, glam hats and, of course, classy cocktails (you may want to also tell your boss you’re working from home tomorrow). I have nothing against early morning mimosas, but here’s a list of regally themed cocktails better suited for the event.

Chambord Regal CV

Chambord Royal CV Cocktail ShoesNBooze

Ingredients: 2 oz Chambord Flavored Vodka, ¾ oz simple syrup
3 slices of cucumber (skin on), 3 fresh raspberries, ½ oz fresh lemon juice

Method: Muddle the raspberries, cucumber, and simple syrup. Add to a shaker with lemon juice and Chambord Flavored Vodka. Add ice and shake vigorously. Double stain into a martini glass or a large coupe glass and garnish with a.slice of cucumber and / or a fresh raspberry.

*From the mind of author & event expert, Colin Cowie, this sweet sipper is a great option for liquor lightweights.

Drambuie English Rose

Drambuie English Rose ShoesNBooze

In a Champagne flute, add: 1 Sugar Cube, 3 drops Orange Bitters, 1 oz. DRAMBUIE

Slowly top with: 4 oz. chilled Blanc de Noirs Champagne, Splash Campari, 3 drops Rosewater

Garnish with a thinly-sliced strawberry fanned and floated on top.

This cocktail tastes light and refreshing… but complex enough for discerning tastes. *If you’re not familiar with Drambuie, it’s a combination of aged Scotch whiskies, heather honey and a blend of herbs and spices.

Kate’s Old New Borrowed Blue

Russian Standard Kate's Old New Borrowed Blue ShoesNBooze

Ingredients: 2 oz. Tea-Infused Russian Standard Vodka, 0.25 oz Vermouth, 6 blueberries

Method: Rinse a chilled martini glass with vermouth. Combine tea-infused Russian Standard Vodka and ice in a shaker and strain into glass. Garnish with blueberries.

*This is a martini-lover’s cocktail, but if you’re a fan of sweet drinks, this one might not be your favorite.

Devotion Vodka Totally Devoted Mini Cran-Tini

Devotion Totally Devoted Cran tini ShoesNBooze

Ingredients: 1 oz. of Devotion Vodka, .25 oz of triple sec, .25 oz of vermouth, 2 oz. cranberry juice cocktail.

Method: Pour into your cocktail shaker over rocks and shake it up before straining into adorable mini-martini glasses.

*This concoction is a great middle ground if your crowd is split between girly drinkers and those who like a bit of a kick in their drinks. Devotion Vodka is infused with casein, which is said to smooth it out.

Belvedere Earl Grey Fizz

Belvedere Earl Grey Fizz ShoesNBooze

Ingredients: 1 oz Belvedere Vodka (or Citrus), ¾ oz Earl grey tea syrup.

Method: Shake ingredients and strain into a champagne flute. Top with Moet et Chandon Brut Imperial. Garnish with a Lemon twist or redcurrants.

This sparkly libation is perfect for toasting after the Prince kisses his bride. Cheers!

Whether you’ve already found your prince, or you’re still kissing frogs, one of these cocktails will help you bring out your inner princess… just call me your cocktail fairy godmother.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fun Friday- Earth Day Edition: Beyond Skin Wedges & Melissa Sandals


A Doube Toast to Mother Earth

Our planet’s having a crisis. There’s no denying it. Yes, the Earth undergoes certain geological changes every now and then. However, I believe we humans have abused our home planet to the point of erratic behavior… bi-polar disorder? Schizophrenia? MPD? Maybe just a bit of an identity issue? Either way, we’ve got to do better. We have to not only stop mistreating her, but also find ways to help in her healing. A good first step? Showing a bit of appreciation & celebrating the gifts she gives. We don’t have to skimp on style while we do it, though…

Melissa x Jean Paul Gaultier Sandal ShoesNBooze

Known for high style and sustainable practices, Melissa Shoes often put the fun in functionality. This pair from their collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier is no exception. The bright color, strappy design and high heel make them a great party shoe, and since they’re rubber, you don’t have to worry about rain OR spilled drinks.

Beyond Skin Saskia Wedge ShoesNBooze

Beyond Skin’s shoes are cruelty free, but they’re also plenty cute. These Saskia wedges are made from a faux suede material called ‘dinamica’, which is comprised of 100% recycled PET plastics. The festive zig zag on the wedge heel dresses them up and adds a fab touch.

Casa Noble Organic MargaritaWhen it’s time to toast this evening, it won’t be hard to keep the cocktails Earth-friendly. Casa Noble Tequila is made from 100% certified organic blue agave. Try a Casa Noble Organic Margarita. Recipe: 2 oz Casa Noble Crystal Tequila, 1 oz Fresh Lime Juice (or the juice of 1 whole lime), ¾ oz La Sierra Agave Nectar. Remember not to drink too many too quickly, though Casa Noble is eco-friendly, tequila without moderation isn’t anyone’s friend.

Veev Joi de Veev Cocktail ShoesNBoozeIf you’re not a fan of tequila, fret not. VeeV Acai Spirit is more like a vodka. Made using responsibly harvested acai fruit, it’s considered “a better way to drink” (VeeV’s words). In addition, $1 per bottle sold is donated to the Sustainable Acai Project. Try a Joie de VeeV tonight. Recipe: 1½ ounces VeeV Açaí Spirit, ½ in. ginger piece (diced), 1 ounce fresh lemon Juice, ¾ ounce simple syrup, ¾ ounce orange liqueur. This drink will be refreshing and slightly sweet, but remember it’s still alcohol. Enjoy responsibly.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Heart and Sole: Jenny McCarthy & ShoeDazzle Partner to Help Children with Autism


Fearless Fashion

Jenny McCarthy for ShoeDazzle ShoesNBooze

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, ShoeDazzle has partnered with Jenny McCarthy for its “Celebrity Shoe Design Program for Charity.” McCarthy’s design, the “Fearless” shoe, will be available exclusively on as of Thursday, April 21 with all profits from its sale going to Generation Rescue. An organization dedicated to recovery and support for children with autism, Generation Rescue provides families in need with guidance on ways to directly improve their quality of life. McCarthy, whose son, Evan, was diagnosed with Autism in 2005, serves as the president of Generation Rescue and has written a book about the cause.

JennyMcCarthy Fearless for ShoeDazzle ShoesNBoozeThe “Fearless” pump, with it’s studs, sky high heel and tall platform has a tough, yet versatile look. “We all need to be fearless in our lives- whether it’s standing up for a meaningful cause or just being bold in our fashion choices,” says McCarthy. Here’s to hoping most of my readers do both! FYI- ShoeDazzle will also donate $5 to Generation Rescue for each new client that joins the community and uses the code “JENNY” between April 1 and May 10.