Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wild Wednesday: Donald J Pliner and Van Gogh

Croc and Roll (Reader Request)

In perfect timing for a "Wild Wednesday" post (which is always about animal print or exotic skin shoes), Shoe Smitten sent in a picture of her Donald J Pliner "Gisa" Sandals (pictured right and available at with a request for a drink pairing. These chestnut colored croc-look cuties have a utilitarian hippie feel. Yet, the four inch heel, rubber sole and pairing of suede with embossed leather make them at once sultry and sturdy. A woman who wears these is versatile and maybe a little unpredictable at times... and now that the first half of the work week is over, let the surprises ensue.

Get the party started with a "halfcast Russian". A creamy mixture of Van Gogh Vodka (or any other you prefer), coffee liqueur and cappuccino, it'll definitely give you the boost you need to get through the rest of the week. Go easy on this sauce, though because no one likes a bar busy body.

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  1. Thanks for finding a matching cocktail! Looks delicious :)