Monday, May 25, 2009

Don't Mess With me Monday: Shree Moni Mona Lisa Sandals & Absolut Citrus Refreshers

Mona Lisa Smile

It's Memorial Day. That means no office, no meetings and a day spent hopping from one chic rooftop barbecue to to another. Let's not forget that the day isn't just about burgers and deviled eggs. It's for remembering those who risk life and limb for others, and we've still got plenty whose families pray for a safe return. You're one whose shoes do the talking for her, so instead of a yellow ribbon, don a sunny-hued pair of shoes. We suggest Shree Moni's gladiator-inspired Mona Lisa sandals in fimma yellow. The 4-inch heel and 1 inch platform mean they'll look good with your post-pigout-pooch-hiding maxi dress, and the gladiator styling- with metal brace at the shank- reminds you of soldiers near and far.

Jaunting from place to place can leave a girl a little parched. Citrus Refreshers (Recipe & image from will whet your palette (and look great with your shoes). You'll likely be fixing your own drinks today, so stop at a store and pick up enough candied ginger to last you a while. The recipe calls for Absolut Citron, Sparkling water, lime juice and candied ginger. It'll have a slightly spicy-tart flavor that's cooling but not so sweet that you'll gulp it down. Enjoy resposibly!