Monday, September 28, 2009

Don't Mess With Me Monday: YSL Sculpted Platfrom Pumps & Three Olives Greek Goddess Cocktails

A Lovely Gray

You devour the sports pages as eagerly as you do WWD. Your Sundays and Monday nights are spent watching football, and you're still as girly and chic as they come. So, today, you're wearing shoes that let your colleagues know you mean business but will also work when you go watch Monday Night Football at your favorite watering hole (which happens to be the swankiest sports bar in town). Some girls wear flats, but like Victoria Beckham, you think better in heels. This sculpted platform pump from YSL (or some other sleek semi-wedge with a platform) is definitely the shoe for you. The combination of sumptuous suede and shiny patent, coupled with the unique silhouette equals a shoe that's just like you. Plus, the 4.5 inch heel and 1 inch platform mean you'll still be able to see the TV screen if none of the guys at the bar are chivalrous enough to give up their seat.

You don't think like most women, and you don't drink like them either. You like a drink with a kick... but you don't mind if it's a little sweet. Besides, tonight, a frilly-looking drink will ruin your street cred. Our recommendation is a Greek Goddess (the name sounds girlie but we promise it packs a punch). It's simply Three Olives Pomegranate Vodka with a splash of lemon/ lime soda. The pomegranate infusion makes sure it goes down smooth, but since it's clear, you won't be chided for drinking like a girl. Do remember, though, that you ARE a lady and that too many of these may lead to some unladylike behavior.


  1. I'm loving these YSL pumps and the blog in general... glad I stumbled upon it, I'm a fan.

  2. Alone, the YSL pumps are interesting to say the least, but with the right asamble, these shoes can be fierce!! Oh, and you have my mouth watering for that drink too. I've been looking to switch from Makers Mark and Gin.

  3. Lovin those pumps they are pretty Fly!!!!