Thursday, November 5, 2009

Booze News: VeeV Treetinis are Earth Friendly

A Toast to the Tree Huggers

You know that slightly euphoric feeling you get when your drink first hits your bloodstream? It's all fuzzy and warm, and you almost instantly feel a little of the stress leave your shoulders. Well if you order a VeeV Treetini the next time you visit your local bar, you should feel a littler warm and fuzzier; for every Treetini ordered, Veev will plant a tree.

A partnership between Live It Green, LLC and VeeV Acai Spirit, the Treetini initiative makes it easy to do a little something for Mother Nature. First off, Treetinis are available at various bars and restaurants throughout the country (check here to see which is closest to you) and are made by combining VeeV Acai Spirit with seasonal, organic, locally grown ingredients (to the furthest extent possible). Second, like we said earlier, for every one purchased, a tree will be planted. The plantings take place quarterly in a region devastated by disaster. The initial location was Tamil Nandu, India, but the planting location is changed throughout the year to spread the greenery.

Unfortunatley, you'll only be able to get one of these eco-cocktails in Chicago, Dallas, New York City, Miami, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Las Vegas. Cheers!

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