Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sweet Sunday: Lanvin Red pumps

The Sweetest Thing

If you're anything like me, you're single and sassy this Valentine's Day. That doesn't mean you have to sit in the house lamenting, though ("Baby's got blue skies up ahead"). Instead, put on your sexiest pair of red pumps, and take yourself to brunch... or wherever you like. In fact, if you don't already have a pair, treat yourself to some, like these red Lanvin Patent and Suede Pumps (available at The color means love, and who loves you more then, well, YOU? The approximately 4.5 inch heel says you're a force to be reckoned with, and the slightly raised back of the shoe creates a sexy profile (should a potential suitor notice you strutting to brunch... or if you're in New York, to the Fashion Week tents). Then there's the neutrally hued half inch platform, which not only adds comfort, but also softens the severity of the red a bit. The combination of suede and patent somehow speaks to the fact that you're a classic lady, but you've got an edge.
No matter what you do today, treat yourself to brunch. Instead of your usual mimosa or bellini, opt for something a bit more romantic. A "Sweet Red Kiss" should do the trick (recipe & image via Cosmopolitan Magazine's "16 Flirty V-Day Drinks"). Other than the fact that it looks absolutely indulgent, the combination of Dubonnet Rouge, Chambord, Absolut Kurant and splashes of cranberry, orange and pineapple juices will also make you feel a bit warm and fuzzy inside. This isn't the strongest of drinks, but still mind your intake. You don't want to go from sexy solo to sexting the ex. Friends don't let friends dial drunk, and because I love you... consider yourself forewarned.

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