Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shoe News: How to Win Free Fergie Shoes on Shoehunting.com


Fergalicious for Free!

Fergie Shoes Giveaway ShoesNBooze

Like the shoes in the picture above? Want to get them for $FREE.99? Thanks to a limited time giveaway on shoelovers’ social network, Shoehunting.com, you can do just that. First sign in or sign up at Shoehunting.com.  Then comment on either the Fergie Blazing or the Fergie Lustin and share your comment via Facebook or Twitter. Lastly, “LIKE” Fergie Footwear on Facebook. Shoehunting.com will randomly select one winner to win both pairs of shoes. The giveaway ends December 16th, so get to clicking quickly! Go here for full details and rules.

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Anna at ShoeHunting said...

Thanks for the writeup! And good luck to those who enter. :) Just two more days!!!