Thursday, December 1, 2011

Almost There Thursday- World AIDS Day- (Belvedere) RED

Red Means STOP

Sometimes it’s mind boggling how quickly a week goes by. It’s like one minute, you’re fighting Monday blues, and the next minute it’s Thursday already. Add to that the fact that it’s December 1, and you have simultaneous “where did the week go?!” and “how is it already the end of the year?!” moments. It’s also World AIDS Day, which deserves a at least a pause in consideration of not only those we’ve lost to the disease, but moreso those who are surviving- no- living with it. I hope it’s also inspired you find out your status and take full responsibility of your sexual safety. There’s no shame in having an STD talk prior to getting between the sheets. If you’re uncomfortable talking about sex and its consequences, then you probably shouldn’t be having it. (OK off the soapbox and onto shoes.) As a visual observance of the day, consider wearing red pumps, like Tibi’s Firebird Pump (available at, where I’m an affiliate). The embroidered detailing makes it perfect for the holiday season, and the 3 1/5 inch heel makes it practical enough for the office. (You may also want to look into The Red Pump Project, which aims to raise awareness about the impact of HIV/ AIDS on women and Girls)

Earlier this year, Belvedere Vodka announced a partnership with (RED)™ to release the special edition bottle, (BELVEDERE) RED. In support of the fight against AIDS in Africa, Belvedere Vodka will donate 50% of profits from the sale of (BELVEDERE) RED to the Global Fund. They also enlisted Usher as their celebrity ambassador for the partnership in hopes that his notoriety and their contributions will get us all closer to an AIDS free generation in 2015. Do your part and sip a (BELVEDERE) RED Pom Pom today at happy hour. It’ll be a sweet, effervescent reminder that while we’re close to the end of another week and another year, we’re that much closer to accomplishing goals and new beginnings. That definitely deserves a CHEERS!
Splash lime juice
Top with Fever Tree Ginger Beer
Float grenadine on top
Build in highball and garnish with raspberry

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  1. Glad that you recognozed World Aids Day! Anyhow, Istopped by to say I have awarded you the Liebster Blog award. Good job!