Friday, January 13, 2012

Fun Friday: Jimmy Choo Mira Sandal


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Jimmy Choo Mira

Winter’s chill has finally set in for most of us (to my chagrin), and though some are actually able to escape for resort season, others of us can only fantasize about warmer temps. Why not get a jump on spring with a blooming pair of shoes, like the Mira sandal from Jimmy Choo’s Spring 2012 collection ($2695 available for preorder at It’s corsaged ankle strap, leopard print vamp and 5.7 inch orange pin heel make it a walking party. Though you may not be able to wear it outside yet, There’s nothing wrong with a red carpet-themed house party, where everyone dresses like they’re in Southern California (and tries to guess who will win what on Sunday at the Golden Globes). You’ve never shyed away from all-eyes-on-you shin digs before… why not create your own?


Lucid supernatural Sip

In keeping with the Golden Globes theme, consider serving a cocktail inspired by one of the nominees, like the Lucid Supernatural Sip (the muse for which was FX’s American Horror Story, a nom for Best Television Series in the Drama category). Made with LUCID Absinthe, white crème de cocao, cocnut milk and black sambuca, it’s a creamy, sweet-but-tongue-tingling treat that’ll have you and your guests feeling festive. Keep in mind, though, that LUCID is 124 proof (62% alcohol by volume), so this drink is stronger than it may taste.


1 part LUCID®

1 part White Creme de Cocao

1 part Coconut Milk

Drizzle of Black Sambucca

Combine LUCID, White Creme de Cocao and Coconut Milk in a shaker filled with ice. Shake till Frothy and strain into a short rocks glass over ice. Drizzle Black Sambucca down the side of the glass until it floats on the bottom and diffuses through the cocktail.

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