Thursday, March 1, 2012

Runway Recap: Paris Fall 2012 RTW Fave Shoes- Azzaro, Rochas


Day 1

All fashion-loving eyes have turned to the City of Light for the next installment of ‘what you’ll be wearing come fall.’ The first day was pretty tame in terms of footwear, but there were a couple of stand outs.




Mathilde Castello Branco’s first collection for Azzaro wasn’t a jaw dropper, but it was definitely playful and cute. The shoes weren’t incredibly high or outrageous, either. However, they were classic and coy with their ankle straps and slight wing tips. **Image via WWD




Marco Zanini’s fall 2012 eady to wear collection for Rochas was quirkishly wearable. There were retro prints in rich hues, but they were used to create classically shaped clothes. Think pencil skirts, pleats, trousers and leisure jackets. The shoes were no different, mixing skins, textures and sometimes colors, they were perfect for my inner eclectic bookworm. **Image via 

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