Saturday, June 16, 2012

Booze Clues: 4 Father’s Day Drinks to Share With Dad


Remember the first time you sat and watched the game with your dad (doesn’t matter which sport)? He probably patiently explained  the rules and each player’s role. Chances are he hoped you’d grow to love sports, but it’s more likely he just enjoyed the quality time. This Father’s Day, whether there’s a game on or not, sit and have good ole daddy/ daughter time over a good drink. Whether you and your padre share a love for tequila, bourbon or another “not-too-girly” spirit, here are a few drinks you can try together.


Wild Turkey Bardstown King

Wild Turkey Bardstown King Cocktail


1 oz Wild Turkey Bourbon 101
3/4 oz Wild Turkey Bourbon 81 
3/4 oz King's Ginger
1 dash Angostura Bitters
1 dash Xocolatl Mole Bitters

Stir all ingredients, strain and serve in a coup and garnish with an orange twist.

-Photo & recipe courtesy of Wild Turkey (concoction by mixologists at Rye House in NY).

Herradura Paloma

Herradura Paloma Cocktail



2 oz Tequila Herradura Silver

5 oz grapefruit soda (or juice)

1 oz Lemon juice and salt

In a big ball glass put the ice and Tequila Herradura. Add salt, lemon juice and grapefruit soda (or juice).

-Photo & recipe courtesy of Herradura


Ole Smoky Moonshine Original

Sip a bit on the rocks.

-Photo courtesy of Ole Smoky Moonshine


Crown Royal XR (LaSalle)

Crown Royal XR

Enjoy Crown Royal’s newest Extra Rare product neat (no ice or mixers) or with a single ice cube to really open up the flavor (a splash of water also works).

-Photo by StyleScrybe

*No matter which cocktail you and dad share, make sure you do it responsibly. Otherwise, you may end up sharing secrets that are better kept (ahem… that one time in college when ____).


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  1. I cannot wait to try this myself and go to the Cafe Cluny!!! So happy to be catching up with all of your exploits!