Tuesday, May 26, 2015

For your Boozy Book Club: You Deserve a Drink by Mamrie Hart

You Deserve It

You Deserve a Drink by Mamrie Hart

When the introduction to a book informs you that said book has a written-in drinking game, you know you're in for trouble... and a good time. Youtube star and avid drinker, Mamrie Hart's "You Deserve a Drink: Boozy Misadventures and Tales of Debauchery" (released today by Plume Books and available at for $12.57) clearly takes its title seriously. Before delving into the collection of drinking and hangover stories, readers are instructed to take a drink whenever Hart references an old television show, talks about a food product that could be purchased at 7-Eleven or uses a slang term for a reproductive organ (consider yourself warned. She does a good amount of all three). Additionally, each tale comes with its own cocktail recipe. (Either take small sips, or be prepared for drunkenness around page 12.)  Here are our top 5 reasons to start  a boozy book club and make YDAD your first book to read (in no particular order and typed while sipping a bloody mary):

  1. The lesson in Chapter 1: After a drunken night leads to a chipped tooth and a life wake-up call. Hart comes to the hard realization that hard-partying friends may not be her best bet. "Sometimes, the person you've got to protect yourself from the most is yourself."
  2. Topless Tuesdays: Mamrie had always wanted to start some kind of club. After any failures, she finally got it right in college with Topless Tuesdays. They eventually had their own official membership acceptance protocol. First thing about this: a club that encourages a liberation from social constructs is crazy cool. Second, the idea of a group of folks gathering once a week to enjoy the act of learnign something new is totally kick-ass.
  3. The writing is pun-in-a-million. (Mamrie, we hope we did you proud with that one.) Seriously, though, if you love a good pun the way the SNB squad does, you will get a kick (or 5) out of this book. Seriously... all types of pun envy over here. Mamrie Hart is the queen of puns.
  4. Quickshots!: No complex cocktail recipes. Only instructions to take a reader's-choice shot- straight and a few abbreviated anecdotes. Call it drinkers' digest.
  5. No need to read in sequential order. Seriously, with this book you can jump around. (90s music reference. Pretend I'm talking about TV and take a drink!) Since the stories aren't in sequential order, you (and your book club) can litterally skip from chapter 1 to chapter 10 and back to chapter 4 (depending on what cocktail ingredients are readily available on when you meet on Topless Tuesday). See what we did there?
Now that you have our top 5 reasons, please excuse us while we chat with Mamrie for a bit.

Mamrie, first off, we can't wait until we can swap troll stories with you... actually we can't wait until we actually have trolls instead of just spammers. (You're nobody 'til somebody hates on you, right? Secondly, do we drink when there are references to old movies as well as old TV shows? Lastly, in the first "Quickshots" chapter, you instruct us to take a shot, and then two lines down, you insert a trigger word. For that, dear friend, we are tempted to affectionately call you a trigger word. All jokes aside, dear, thanks for sharing your debacles with us. They help us see we're not alone, and if we keep a sense of humor about things, they might just turn into a dope ass book.

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