Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Editor Review: in Jersey City and Hoboken

The Perfect Staycation Partner

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Every now and then, it's refreshing to stay in and do nothing. We mean NOTHING... not even go out for food. Enter (which now services Jersey City and Hoboken YAY!). Our editor, Nafeesa, recently took a staycation to get acquainted with the online delivery service. She used her complimentary credits on Thai food and wine. Here's what you need to know:

The Good

1. You can order more than takeout.

Of course, you can still order ally types of cuisine from a number of highly-rated restaurants. You just have other options. Feel like cooking? Order groceries. Need a little something to sip while you cook? Order wine and/ or spirits. Staring at a pile of dirty clothes that you refuse to wash? They've got that covered, too.

2. It deserves to be said again: you can order BOOZE!

Here in Jersey City, order minimums are under $30 (less than a decent bottle of reposado), and delivery fees fall under $5.

3. You can see the next available delivery time without extra clicks.

Most options on the list of locations that service your area are presented with an estimate of the next available delivery time. This saves you the extra effort of clicking and making selections, only to find out that it'll be three hours before you can eat or drink.

4. Rewards points. 

The more you order, the more you earn. They can be redeemed for credits toward orders or for really handy items (like a vacuum wine stopper or multi-tool for your home bar). You can also donate them to charity. (Karma points. Woot!)

Space for Improvement

1. Wine is a bit of a challenge.

The wine and spirit stores (at least the ones that service Jersey City) provide little to no detail about the flavor profiles of the wines they offer. Though, it usually only takes a couple of seconds to google a particular wine and find out what you need to know.

2. I wish only restaurants that are currently open would be presented in my list of delivery options.

If there's nothing open in my area at 2 AM, that's fine. Just say that. I'm in lazy mode. I don't want to have to look and see that my next delivery time is 8 hours away.

The Final Verdict

Thumbs up. The delivery drivers were all polite and professional. It was easy to know exactly when the items would be delivered, and the delivery minimums and fees were all beyond reasonable. Plus... that points system is pretty cool.

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